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June 5, 2011

So I briefly mentioned my food needs during the first stages of pregnancy, in these later stages of pregnancy, keeping up with the food needs of my body has been strangely difficult. I love my food, but eating every few hours takes some inventiveness. I’ve never eaten so much fruit, more of a veg person, but needs must (also the reason I went back to drinking coffee-after the nausea weeks that is!) Here’s what I eat (drink water throughout)

Breakfast: Glass of OJ, Museli/blueberry wheats with strawberries/raspberries, 1 scoops worth of cafetiere coffee

Snack: Bread (*home made sour dough)/toast + choc spread (the nutty sort!)/Yoghurt + fruit/museli bar + pineapple/other fruit

Lunch: 2 slices of bread* with hummous + cheese/ham + cucucumber/avo + pink lady apple

Snack: sea above

Tea: 2 biscuits + cup of tea

Supper: main meal (tonight a cheats supper of sausage (love waitrose’s foot long packs!) chips, mediterranean veg, green beans in garlic)

Snack: not pineapple since I realised its a diuretic but dark choc works well at this time of night as does a mug of hot choc/see above.

If I miss the evening snack for example I wake at 5 am ravenous/sick and if I miss the mid morning snack, I feel quite waffy. So far all my weight is on my bump though, so no complaints, just weird having to eat so much + regularly.


Still here

June 2, 2011

Between bank holiday catching up with family, antenatal appointments and classes, choir and DIY I’ve been chasing my proverbial tail in the energy stakes.

Baby continues to grow well, no new bump pics though. I’ve got really sore thighs when I turn over in bed, which has resulted in me sleeping with 6 pilllows strategically placed at the mo. Doing some research today it would appear to be SPD but not badly.

We now have a new bathroom, carpets fitted in the bedrooms upstairs and a downstairs WC almost finished. Since the carpets, we’ve put together the “nursery” (we plan on cosleeping, but having somewhere safe to put baby while I jump in the shower and to store its stuff is needed). The carseat and cloth nappies have arrived as have some gorgeous parcels from m’ mum incl a changing mat and a beautifully wrapped parcel. (the little nappy on the gift tag!!)

best thing to arrive in the post recently tho’ has been an early (big) birthday present. A little yellow netbook. Balancing my massive heavy laptop on my hip (lying on my back is no longer an option) was getting v difficult and carrying upstairs has been impossible (even pre pregnancy)

exciting creative photography, I know…



April 28, 2011

So I almost chickened out of sharing the park lunch photo, as  the shadows do neither of our chins any favours and my eyes are shut and boob is hanging out, but hey…


Some baking I did last weekend-sponge works just fine by melting butter, then beating the ingredients together with a wooden spoon until your arm can take no more (not long in my case!) these were lemon variety with lemon drizzle over the top-not bad at all!


and finally a bump pic, of me at 23 weeks




April 24, 2011

Through all the planning, we’d also planned on needing luck. There are too many people about who tell of infertility/years to conceive and who knew what M.E. had done to my reproductive system (4-6 week cycles for one!) and Sy knows he has microcalcification in his testes (after a Testicular cancer scare)… We’d decided to give ourselves a year after deciding to “go for it” and we weren’t going to go down IVF route-not worth throwing my body out of kilter completely.

Knowing we were both happy with wishing to start a family-not a ooh today I’m ok, I think, but a deep knowledge; Simon jokingly said in November that we really shouldn’t try yet as he didn’t want an August baby (being an August baby himself). Yet december 6th, I found out that I was pregnant!!!!!!!!! So far luck has stayed with us as there have been no complications and it looks like I’ll be allowed to give birth on a midwife led unit and not a medical ward.

Still haven’t uploaded the pics from the new camera of the picnic in the park and right now my macaroni cheese and salad is ready-so a pictureless waffle for today!



August 11, 2010

Well, I’ve been hiding under a stone. Simon’s changed jobs and as of Tuesday next week we’ll be officially living two minutes from his parents and 60 from mine in a lovely little house.

So amongst choosing which 3 wood floor samples to order (3=s free and I have 8 in my short list) I’m also looking for rotating/swivel chairs for our new living room. There are some gorgeous pieces out there, but they come with prohibitive prices. Today I found one piece that made me think knitting 😉 (I haven’t been doing much knitting, stress levels have been high-although I am mid secret project of a new craft!)

Spunchair de magis from adrien nocodie on Vimeo.

I love it! Not sure it would work in our space, but…


another brief un

April 5, 2010

got a stinker of a cold after the last post. Then had several weekend commitments… Easter’s hopefully seen the last of my energy disappear down the plug hole-onwards and upwards and hopefully on to some photos!!!



March 8, 2010

I just realised this morning about my desire for a workshop and minions has not just been about disability aids, as when we owned our aircooled VWs I also wanted a garage and sprayshop to hand 😉

Knitting wise I’ve finished, worn, blocked and wearing again my grey reincarnation, which I shall hopefully get photographed later, but otherwise, my brain’s been pretty fried and therefore creativity has been slow. Even swatching for a new sweater, I went DOWN a needle size when I had too many stitches per inch in my first swatch and it took Simon pointing it out! big oops.