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a little low

July 8, 2011

So this week hasn’t been the easiest. DH has had some medical investigations (investigation stress more than d/x stress) and then I had an antenatal appointment with the Dr instead of the midwife.

On my antenatal notes, plastered right across the top is Group B Strep. I had a positive test to group b strep IN my kidneys 16 years ago. At the beginning of the pregnancy the dr said “oh you’ll be offered antibiotics during labour”. I don’t do drugs well with my M.E. so I was a bit perturbed by this and after a bit of further reading questioned him again as my infection had been so internal and had never reoccurred “oh well it likely will during pregnancy” was his reply. Since then every time my midwife opened my notes she went “ooh group b strep” which was really beginning to annoy me, especially as reading up on it, it is a bacteria that a large proportion of the population carry asymptomatically and the risk of newborn infection and then death is VERY low and that antibiotics do not hugely reduce this risk and in fact carry further risks to baby (such as good gut bacteria being killed off, yeast infections making feeding hard, antibiotic resistant infections etc). So I wrote in my notes about how long it’d been since the infection, where the infection was and no reoccurance since. This stopped the midwife going on about it at all appts, but it still wasn’t clear if I’d be “offered” anti-b’s during labour, where I could labour… The midwife said it was a matter for the Dr.

The night before I printed off the research I’d found (shout if you want links-they are nicely scientific) and highlighted the areas (oh yes I’d already given a copy to my midwife, who understood from that that I really wanted a birthing unit birth and no antibiotics). I was a bit of a wreck, what with low energy from the previous few days, pregnancy (incl the tmi symptoms**) and was also playing a childhood favourite CD (well we had it on LP when I was a kid, but just got the CD ready for bump!). Tim HartRalph McTell’s Sally the Seal had me sobbing!!

I felt calmer on the morning of the appointment and enjoyed knitting in the waiting room, watching some toddlers play (cars are universally the favourite toy there!). Went in to the dr who it turns out was seeing me to ascertain an M.E. update, check my left sided weakness stuff again… I apologised about writing in my notes, but explained why and then I asked if this meant I could not birth on the birthing unit (instead of the medical unit-which incidentally is 1 floor down!) and was told that there was NO reason not. He did say I’d be offered anti-b’s but when I said I’d prefer not, he chipped in that it wasn’t a foolproof system anyway (wish I could remember his wording!). No fight needed, no presenting of research needed. It’s my choice. He did later put a few “what ifs” at me, but when I said that of course if there are complications that I would weigh up the issues then, he complimented me on being open minded and pragmatic!

I get to see him again next week, nothing to do with the above, but because he thinks baby may be breach. I am having a scan to see… I don’t think it is, but if it is will just wait and see… Am going to have to make sure the sonographer knows we still don’t want to know the baby’s sex!

I finished baby’s second “baby leg” (legwarmer) today ๐Ÿ˜€ … so that’s 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of baby legs. I plan on starting a sweater for it over the weekend.

๐Ÿ˜€ typing this has been quite calming ๐Ÿ™‚

** a side note, almost literally. To avoid aggravating the piles, I am spending a lot of time lying on my side instead of sitting. Lying on my back is out as I feel too ill (pregnancy). i can browse the internet/read/watch tv in this position, but cannot type/knit/write which has led me to be very bored indeed.

ETA: another low was seeing a photo of me and bump sat in my wheelchair. I just look fat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ -photo was taken at a choir performance which I didn’t particularly enjoy though so…


Yarn Love

May 2, 2010

My list of loves in any yarn:

  • mainly animal fibre
  • does not pill like crazy (if making a sweater, malabrigo worsted is fine for example for a hat, or gloves, but way too pricey for a sweater considering how much it pills)
  • cost efficient. sweater wise, be under ยฃ30, every day socks under ยฃ6 **
  • come in either natural greys or beautiful bright colours
  • be a solid colour (natural greys excepted and for socks, where patterns and stripes are very welcome)

I haven’t found my best yarn yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

**I admire expensive yarns, but… ๐Ÿ˜‰

What yarn do others love?


Unseen FO

May 1, 2010

Knitting did something to my buying instinct. It buggered it up! I have bought several yarns “because they were a bargain” and struggled with them, because the colour wasn’t right/the gauge wasn’t right… I refer back to “The tale of Rowan Polar” for example.ย  The project that I first did this on, has until now not been publically seen. Similarly to Rowan Polar: I bought the yarn “Salmon” for a sweater for myself. Knowing what colours suit me is inate, yet I decided to trust a computer monitor and not the name, then couldn’t be bothered to return it. I don’t know how much I knitted before it got frogged.

I’d bulk bought this colour. I think it was my first venture away from acrylic, pennies were tight. I decided to knit my Nan a sweater. My nan is not a small woman, this wool was DK weight. I knit her a sweater, GUESSING at her size.

Now it doesn’t help that she’s wearing a pink rugby shirt underneath, so you cannot see how truly too big this sweater was. The arms are a good indication though.

To the family’s disgust that sweater got worn and worn and worn and worn though, as my Nan gets VERY cold and layered it over other things. That is until she had a brainfog day and boil washed it! OOPS!

I’m proud of my perseverance for such a large project, embarrassed to recycle yarn in that way and more embarrassed about the gross overestimation in the size I knit. It was my first sweater though.

The yarn bargain issue still seems to exist. If anyone knows a cure?

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location location location

April 30, 2010

I spend most of my time at home, so I spend most of my knitting time at home. In the winter, that’s usually on the sofa, the right hand end to be precise lol. I put my feet up on the foot stooly thing, have my glass of water to hand and either music/tv on. Sometimes I venture to a different chair ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the summer, when it’s warm enough to be outside, my knitting and I move to our Adirondack chairs outside. They have wide arm rests useful, for phones and water and the yarn (always centre pull to stop it falling on the ground TOO often).

I’ve been known to knit in the kitchen while Simon cooks, or at the computer (good way to finish a boring project). I don’t knit in bed as often as I used to, but if I’m unable to nap/having a particularly horrid day, then knitting in bed infront of a good film is great.

Rarely do I go out without some knitting with me. On long car journeys it’s amazing how much of a sock can be knitted. I think once you’ve knitted and found spaces of time to knit, you become aware of how much time non-knitters must be at a loose end. In those moments, my knitting comes out. Knitting is also a good way for me to STOP and not make myself do more than I should. Mum and I spent an hour in Edinburgh’s art gallery’s coffee shop knitting, switching off, taking 5 whilst dad and Simon went off and “did” art. It meant my batteries were recharged.

Some pictoral evidence:

from top left to bottom right: (1) me knitting lying down in the sunshine in the middle of Mount Grace Priory (2) Picasa wouldn’t let me move the pics, so Mum’s head and feet are chopped off: Mum knitting in Edinburgh (3) the adirondack in the snow (3) me and the sock I’m knitting up a mountain in Austria (4) me knitting amongst the DIY (wallpapering to be precise) (5) the sofa, as you look at it, I sit on the left (6) The dining room, where yarn winding and yarn storage and Ravelry happens (7) me knitting on the sofa

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Fav tools

April 29, 2010

Seeing as I managed to combine day two and day 4’s topic into one, I present you the wild card.

I think it would have to be my ball winder. It saves loads of energy of hand winding. It also stops the yarn getting mucky and rolling about (if knitting straight from the ball). It provides a more even tension, knots become apparent BEFORE you’re knitting. Add to that the aesthetics of a centre wound ball of wool ๐Ÿ˜‰

Downside of my tool is that it’s a noisy version.

the ball winder

a centre wound ball

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Great Knitter(s)

April 28, 2010

I started this entry this morning and wasn’t sure I could talk about ONE great knitter and had planned to talk about those whose blogs I RSS subscribe to, however on writing the WHYs, I’ve realised that there are two front runners for my favourite knitters, yet the reasons aren’t just knitting related.

Ysolda and Kate (aka needled/wazz)

I’ve been reading Ysolda’s blog for a long long time. Since before she decided to go pro in the pattern writing. I think it was through her writing that I found Kate’s. They are both exceptional writers with their own style. In fact they are two very strong women who seem to have a very strong sense of self and that is reflected in the blogs beautifully.

The patterns that they have individually designed are so varied, from chunky cosy sweaters to wispier more feminine deisgns. I’ve knitted two ofย  each of their designs with more in my queue. The patterns are very well written.

Their knitting inspiration goes beyond their patterns released though. I learnt directional increases and choosing the correct size and adapting it to fit from Ysolda and Kate’s play with colour designs-well I refer to yesterday’s entry on what colour designs mean to me.

The reason though that I love their blogs so much, is that ithey go beyond knitting. They include fantastic photos, cooking, baking, journeys and Kate’s recent rehab. They’re people not “just” knitters and I smile everytime that their name is highlighted as being updated.

The glimpses of Edinburgh are added extras!

Link to other people writing about Great Knitters



April 27, 2010

The type of patterns I still avoid with trepidation stems from a time consuming failed project. I give you space invader socks:

They look good, the foot is to fit a male size 11. They took a long long time. They do not fit. The colourwork is too tight that they are a struggle to get on my size 6 feet. I still haven’t frogged these, despite them being finished several years ago. Actually writing that last sentence makes me realise that I probably should frog and restart the leg part, as there’s no way that my knitting skills have stayed static.

The following four links are items I’ve got in my favourites ominously tagged with “colourwork” that I feel encompass what I would love to do some-day.

Little Birds,ย Reykjavic, and two ravelry only links: Hyla’s fair isle hoodie, Baby’s first fair isle.

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