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July 12, 2011

There’s a lot going on locally. Pretty much every weekend recently there’s been an option of going to a show or something similar going on. It was the last week of the Sculpture show this weekend, so as my TMI symptom was easing considerably we decided to ditch the house and head out. Packed my waterproof and intended being back in time to make bread for lunch. We weren’t expecting much having not been that impressed with the sculptures at Gloucester cathedral incl Hirst.

Walking through the village where Simon used to work was strange-never knew it was so big/pretty. We paid our £2.50 entrance fee and shelled out for the map and info booklet too (a very helpful woman told us how to access the sculptures the other side of the river!). Within seconds we were impressed. SO much crammed in, you really couldn’t blink or you’d miss something/trip up on something! (the head in the photo below for example is the last in a stepping stone sequence) The live toad on one of the sculptures was causing quite a stir and my knitting photographed in front of a knolly ball was mistaken as being part of the exhibit by a couple-that is until I whisked it up after photographing it!

We ran into an ex colleague of Sy’s a neighbour, chatted to lots of strangers including a lovely couple who I quizzed about their Babasling. They were so positive about all things to do with their 7 week old. Silly us aren’t tuned completley into baby speak protocol though as we didn’t ask baby’s name! BIG oops. One slight moan about chatting to some people is that some didn’t realise I’m pregnant! 35 weeks pregnant wearing dungarees!?! (I mentioned that by next show we’ll have a 2 year old toddler with us, they shocked, said ooooh when are you due!)

A photo collage of some sculptures, including some that weren’t created by a sculpture-yes those tights-too gorgeous not to photograph! Click to see larger image


We weren’t back in time for lunch, but luckily a local coffe shop (7a coffeshop) were doing the catering so we were in for a treat!) We also definitely didn’t need waterproofs in fact we went slightly pink!

ETA: last post I wrote Tim Hart not Ralph McTell. The latter sang Sally the Seal on Alphabet zoo, but Tim Hart’s nursery rhymes come highly recommeneded too!


Great Knitter(s)

April 28, 2010

I started this entry this morning and wasn’t sure I could talk about ONE great knitter and had planned to talk about those whose blogs I RSS subscribe to, however on writing the WHYs, I’ve realised that there are two front runners for my favourite knitters, yet the reasons aren’t just knitting related.

Ysolda and Kate (aka needled/wazz)

I’ve been reading Ysolda’s blog for a long long time. Since before she decided to go pro in the pattern writing. I think it was through her writing that I found Kate’s. They are both exceptional writers with their own style. In fact they are two very strong women who seem to have a very strong sense of self and that is reflected in the blogs beautifully.

The patterns that they have individually designed are so varied, from chunky cosy sweaters to wispier more feminine deisgns. I’ve knitted two of  each of their designs with more in my queue. The patterns are very well written.

Their knitting inspiration goes beyond their patterns released though. I learnt directional increases and choosing the correct size and adapting it to fit from Ysolda and Kate’s play with colour designs-well I refer to yesterday’s entry on what colour designs mean to me.

The reason though that I love their blogs so much, is that ithey go beyond knitting. They include fantastic photos, cooking, baking, journeys and Kate’s recent rehab. They’re people not “just” knitters and I smile everytime that their name is highlighted as being updated.

The glimpses of Edinburgh are added extras!

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April 27, 2010

The type of patterns I still avoid with trepidation stems from a time consuming failed project. I give you space invader socks:

They look good, the foot is to fit a male size 11. They took a long long time. They do not fit. The colourwork is too tight that they are a struggle to get on my size 6 feet. I still haven’t frogged these, despite them being finished several years ago. Actually writing that last sentence makes me realise that I probably should frog and restart the leg part, as there’s no way that my knitting skills have stayed static.

The following four links are items I’ve got in my favourites ominously tagged with “colourwork” that I feel encompass what I would love to do some-day.

Little BirdsReykjavic, and two ravelry only links: Hyla’s fair isle hoodie, Baby’s first fair isle.

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Starting Out

April 26, 2010

I meant to ask mum HOW it was that in 2006, I got her to show me how to crochet again. In primary school we’d “learnt”. I never got the hang of it and a well meaning (?) relative did my crocheting for me instead of teaching me. I was left with the feeling that I couldn’t crochet-ever. So, it was a surprise to pick up a hook and start on my merry way.

That year I made slippers, hats, scarves, mittens, amigurumis, some blankets, podcosies, mostly out of acrylic yarn as that was all I could find. Craftster was a fantastic inspiration…

My nan bought me some sockyarn on holiday in Germany and that was the intro into knitting. I found a fantastic pattern for crocheted socks, but did not get on with small hooks, so half way through the foot, I frogged that attempt and went and found to teach me.

From swatching to my first socks (toe up) being completed was according to my photos a little over 2 months, with a fun fur scarf along the way.

I do feel that knitting links me with previous generations. My nan knitted me a few sweaters as a kid-I loved them, itchy and all and made countless baby shawls. My great grandmother apparently used to knit in the stands at Murrayfield! Mum now knits too (she’d learnt as a teen, but never really loved it then).

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April 22, 2010

This last weekend was my second visit to York Open Studios. With different exhibiting locations and mum in tow this year, we enjoyed a lovely sunny day in York. Last year I fell in love with Mrs Chatto‘s pics last year and this year bought myself a little one. I also fell in love with parts of York previously unventured and could have sat in the full-to-the-rafters-with-gorgeousness Mark Hearld’s flat Yes, I am aware that that goes against my uncluttered preference in my own home!  I was disappointed with some big I AM BEST characters-there’s no need…

Next week might see me updating daily, ha so I should shut up here and leave you with a link to explain why.


Clothkits + parcels

July 28, 2008
my sister and i sat in a tree wearing clothkits jackets and hats

my sister and i sat in a tree wearing clothkits jackets and hats

I thought I’d share a photo of my sister and I wearing clothkits Jackets and Hats as kids. Ysolda’s post about the company and other’s mentioning these cute jackets that had lil pockets for toy stuffed animals, made me think of some scanned pics I have on the PC. Without a sewing machine or the ability to cut straight, I am still tempted by the clothkits kits… the kids stuff is just adorable.