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August 11, 2010

Well, I’ve been hiding under a stone. Simon’s changed jobs and as of Tuesday next week we’ll be officially living two minutes from his parents and 60 from mine in a lovely little house.

So amongst choosing which 3 wood floor samples to order (3=s free and I have 8 in my short list) I’m also looking for rotating/swivel chairs for our new living room. There are some gorgeous pieces out there, but they come with prohibitive prices. Today I found one piece that made me think knitting 😉 (I haven’t been doing much knitting, stress levels have been high-although I am mid secret project of a new craft!)

Spunchair de magis from adrien nocodie on Vimeo.

I love it! Not sure it would work in our space, but…


Neat Freak and Photos

January 3, 2010

Christmas saw me knitting right to the end…

  • I’d finished my nieces owls way back, but they remained unphotographed until Christmas eve. (pic below)
  • 1.25 pairs of socks knit for mum (the first leg part had to be knit twice-typical when you’re short of time!
  • I successfully managed to knit and block Simon a scarf without him knowing
  • I knit mum a Pretty Thing – finished 23rd
  • I also knit 3 owl hats – finished xmas eve.

2 of the Owlet Sweaters:

I didn’t manage to photograph anything but the hats and the aforementioned sweaters!! OOPS.

3 Owl hats

The 3rd owlet sweater, 5 weeks into being owned, now with a matching hat and pose in the inglenook fireplace with new toothbrushes as props lol:

Christmas was lovely and chilled out, a lovely icey walk, good food and company, a visit to the panto and some not half bad pressies… Speaking of which, we got given a second dinner service to compliment our existing one…What did we do when we returned? We got excited about reorganising space for them to coexist and I went one step further and photographed our fun. Yes, I do believe (thanks in part to comments here) that I have a neat freak bug in me. Second pic is of some Russian doll mugs we picked up for a fiver-reduced from 20 (spot the glue and wallpaper paste lol-not so neat!) Guitar hero is calling, so I shall leave my oddness there and upload some photos.



April 16, 2008

Well life has been pretty busy and has left less time and inclination for knitting and even less for blogging about it! (I’ve been having refresher driving lessons and sorting out university for next year amongst other things). Have managed to infect two muggles to knitting! One in a pub (ravelry knit night-York every second Tuesday, check out ravelry or shout here) and one at uni =)

I’ve made my dad’s birthday present and started some new socks; 2 blankets remain on a “go-slow”. I don’t like “go-slow” projects and think that maybe I need to implement a strategy to get them done! ha, the language use seems a bit incongruous to knitting!

What kicked my backside into wriitng here tonight was a quick request to check where a hole in the ceiling was (Simon is putting an aerial cable into our bedroom). He’d shoved a knitting needle through said hole so he could find it in the loft!!!!!!!!!!



February 11, 2008

I am holding my breath when it comes to this hoodie. I changed my mind on the contrast cuffs. One arm down and aesthetically it is very pleasing. However, I am going to be about a quarter of an inch shorter than I would’ve liked in the body because I am running out of yarn. I have ripped out my swatch, maybe I can get a few more rows with that, but I also need to be able to have enough to sew the hems in and the armpit lil holes shut.

Our sofa arrived safely today-moving the old sofa out yesterday was not a safe operation, as Sy fell, pulling the sofa that was upended on top of himself. The war wounds don’t look very impressive though as we were good and iced them (+ drank vodka to numb the pain)

I think lots of knitting will get done on this sofa-you can see the slidey outy seat on the left-it pulls out further too =) I was all prepared to have to grow to like it in situ, but “I just love it” , Sy sums it up.

I shall go and wind the last skein of grey hoodie wool…

Oooh, whilst picking up some essentials in a certain supermarket that doesn’t need any more advertising, I bought some foam interlocking gym mats for £7.50. My new blocking boards =)



February 8, 2008

Well my plan to do X rows on my boring project a day, fell by the wayside! OOPS! The hoodie sped along nicely and I almost got carried away, but remembered to swatch and cast-on for the socks with just about enough breathing space to finish them. Cast-on last Friday and finished them Wednesday morning ready to be posted (no I didn’t knit in the theatre in the end)!! I got some VERY bad photos as I couldn’t figure out the self timer, but I can’t even share them, as Sy has snaffled the card reader!

There are some photos up of the ravelry meet up last weekend though (different camera)-bad ones again, so if you want to see them, go browse my flickr 😉 The meet up was funky =) much better than I could have anticipated.

The pictures I will share with you are what I was faced with last weekend. Saw heaven:

I’m not complaining, as it’s all tidied now and we have 3 new radiators plumbed in! 🙂 This weekend is more tiling in the bathroom and sorting out space to store our current sofa, as our new one is arriving on MONDAY! we weren’t expecting it until the end of March.

A sleeve on my hoodie is calling!


“where’s my tape measure??”

January 26, 2008

That’s what sums up this weekend. We’re a household of many DIY tape measures-4 in fact and I have about 3 knitting tape measures, but they keep mysteriously disappearing this weekend. Luckily my knitting ones have not been used for the tiling/plaster-boarding in the bathroom!

My new needle tips arrived yesterday, but yesterday was the day of baking. I had tried a new chocolate brownie recipe the night before-what a gooey greasy mess they were! So I went back to the tried and tested version that I’ve been baking since childhood (usborne’s first cookbook recipe). I had to make 2 batches though, as the first batch were being posted off to my sis’s boyfriend’s for his birthday and one batch fitted perfectly in the box… Today though I abandoned the 20mm dowels and 80% acrylic to knit on 3.5mm needles with 100% wool again. Interspersed with sessions of maths, my hoodie is now beyond the armhole stage (top-down). If I do 15 rows a day on the dowels though, that should be ready to block in 10 days!
Next weekend is a mini ravelry meet-up. I should really cast-on some birthday socks to take to that as the hoodie in a coffee shop is asking for trouble. That and the socks need to be done by the 9th. I’m going to be boring and repeat the jaywalker pattern. Socks would also mean I could take them along to the theatre afterwards-knitting in the interval sounds like a good idea!

Now for the bust-darts maths-oh and protecting my tape measure!


DIY chaos knitting

November 27, 2007

I just thought I would show you a picture of the environment i’ve been knitting in since april.

me knitting in amongst the wallpapering! (with disgustingly long hair!)

the picture that is a work of art in itself: (yarn drying at the top, bras acting as weights-whilst drying too!)

life is decidedly less chaotic now, but will bore you with before and after pics some other day!