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confessions and no photos

August 22, 2011

The first confession I have to make is that I was convinced that the baby would be early-ie 38 weeks – possibly 40 but definitely not late. Am now at 41+1 and although the head is fully engaged and am getting painless tightenings, no baby. On Wednesday I will be booked in for induction on Friday-hope baby gets a wriggle on before then!

Second confession is my love of spreadsheets. I am by no means an expert in creating or manipulating them, but I love them as a basic summing up tool/analysis. I keep track of our finances in a way that makes sense to me but when looking at the baby name popularity statistics I forgot to see how the numbers the spreadsheet provides actual translate into real life. I’d ruled out several names as they were “too popular”. Yet on closer inspection, ie taking total number of births and then comparing them to the number of kids with that name, the incidence of the names are often in the 1/100 range, which means that in a school year there really aren’t likely to be tonnes of name X running around! Cue rethink 😉

Sleep is getting increasingly difficult-waking up feeling so very sick along with the bladder emptying issues. But there are laughs too especially when out for a picnic and I thought I would lie on the grass-ha, I couldn’t get up!

I have a photo that was taken at 38 weeks I want to upload and then some more recent ones that I need to see whether I’ll share, but getting this written is achievement enough for today!


I’m still waiting ;)

August 16, 2011

The bras fit, but are still waiting to see if boobs do anything strange post birth. Bought some dead cheap-2 for 13.50 + free item from Mothercare bras (34G) nursing bras to add to the stash.

Lovely body threw another bout of TMIs at me shortly after… 2 stone weight gain are obviously making my bowels object-specially when head went from free floating to engaged (YAY!).

Last weekend in July I thought I was tempting baby to arrive as we had ordered 9.2 x 2.7 meters worth of decking to be laid-but it stayed put! Every day since August 1st we’ve had reasons baby could be born today, from “it’d share Sy’s birthday” to “it’s a cool date” to “it’s my duedate” but no baby. I’m waking every 1.5-2 hours in the night to pee and turn over (and before anyone says it, yes good training!). SO yep, am waiting-many people say not to, but I need to make sure I don’t use up my energy on the day that I may go in to labour!