July 6, 2011

SO my last update got half eaten? and ended on an embarassing bit that had it continued wouldn’t have been so cringeworthy. Let me try posting what was written and trying to remember what I wrote after…

Ha, so after that last post, my snacks changed to more high iron snacks such as apricots and nuts as my Hb was down to 11 from 13.5 at the beginning of pregnancy. I was feeling really shattered and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t iron related (thus solvable). Then a week ago my need to eat so much stopped-stopped and switched to “don’t eat too much at once” ie don’t pig out on a roast at parents. It led to a very uncomfortable evening!!

Between the shatteredness, tmi piles….. nope i can’t remember-unless it was to say that DIY continues, but the end is in sight?!!

I was going to post a pic, but the network was down, so I’ll do that now… It’s me at 31 weeks, so already 4 weeks out of date!! Am stood in front of the cot (useage plan for day time safe keeping/playing with mobile while i do important things like shower!)

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