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nursing bras

July 21, 2011

The other week I thought I should start investigating nursing bras. My breasts have changed considerably over the pregnancy. I’ve gone from a 32E to a 36FF in “normal” bras. After delivery I know that my cup size may well increase, but at the same time my backsize will decrease. I therefore ordered a Bravado Body Silk and a Carriwell Seamless bra, as these are meant to be multi-size comfortable bras. Think I’m between sizes/used to too much support from my bras and also used to not feeling like I’m wearing over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders/granny bras. They really weren’t for me. (I’d ordered these bras online, now faced posting them back)

So mum and I headed into her local town on Sunday, only to find the store we’d planned to check out bras, didn’t stock them in that store!! (I enjoyed the retail therapy of buying my 5 year old niece a birthday pressie though!) Came back via a village location bra shop where I found a GORGEOUS bra. The Elle Macpherson La Mere bra. The “A frame” that supports the bra when the cup is down for nursing is lacey and doesn’t dig in/flap about. It was truly beautiful. I walked away without one as my size wasn’t in stock (34E needed in this brand and style)

Monday we headed to another town as we had 6/7 stores lined up there. The saga starts!

House of Fraser (we’ll ignore the access!): No longer stocked the Elle Macpherson in store, but stocked Royce. Found a bra that fitted well and looked ok. That is until I tried the drop down cup. It didn’t drop completely. To feed I’d have to drop cup, hoik boob out and boob be compressed for the feeding duration-not ideal at all! Engorgement likely!

Jojo Maman Bebe: Stocked the Elle MacP, but not in my size. Their own brand I couldn’t get anything below a 38″ back to close and then the drop down cup section (single strap not A-frame) didn’t drop away completely again and dug in to the side of my boob big time.

Debenhams: 2 nursing bras in stock, at FLOOR level in the bra section. Not in anything near my size-walked out.

M+S: not floor heigh display, but still minimal choice in sizes. walked out again.

Mothercare: see M+S.

Independant bra shop: Stocked HotMilk. Very comfortable, probably more supportive than the Elle MacP 3 hook vs 2 hook fastening (6 hook adjustability on both). Cotton lined cups (most A frame support) VERY pretty (maybe verging on too fussy in some styles) Size needed in this brand: 34FF. Not in stock, unfortunately.

Exhausting much?!

I have ordered 2 Hotmilk nursing bras from nursingbra-shop which have arrived today. I ordered these 2 as they were reduced (£50 for 2) but have yet to try them on. If they fit, might well be chopping off the rosebuds and diamente detailing-that is after waiting to check they still fit when baby’s here-the shop has a 45 day return policy!! ETA they fit!!! the A frame is less tight on Elle MacP but bra is £10 more-hmm…



July 12, 2011

There’s a lot going on locally. Pretty much every weekend recently there’s been an option of going to a show or something similar going on. It was the last week of the Sculpture show this weekend, so as my TMI symptom was easing considerably we decided to ditch the house and head out. Packed my waterproof and intended being back in time to make bread for lunch. We weren’t expecting much having not been that impressed with the sculptures at Gloucester cathedral incl Hirst.

Walking through the village where Simon used to work was strange-never knew it was so big/pretty. We paid our £2.50 entrance fee and shelled out for the map and info booklet too (a very helpful woman told us how to access the sculptures the other side of the river!). Within seconds we were impressed. SO much crammed in, you really couldn’t blink or you’d miss something/trip up on something! (the head in the photo below for example is the last in a stepping stone sequence) The live toad on one of the sculptures was causing quite a stir and my knitting photographed in front of a knolly ball was mistaken as being part of the exhibit by a couple-that is until I whisked it up after photographing it!

We ran into an ex colleague of Sy’s a neighbour, chatted to lots of strangers including a lovely couple who I quizzed about their Babasling. They were so positive about all things to do with their 7 week old. Silly us aren’t tuned completley into baby speak protocol though as we didn’t ask baby’s name! BIG oops. One slight moan about chatting to some people is that some didn’t realise I’m pregnant! 35 weeks pregnant wearing dungarees!?! (I mentioned that by next show we’ll have a 2 year old toddler with us, they shocked, said ooooh when are you due!)

A photo collage of some sculptures, including some that weren’t created by a sculpture-yes those tights-too gorgeous not to photograph! Click to see larger image


We weren’t back in time for lunch, but luckily a local coffe shop (7a coffeshop) were doing the catering so we were in for a treat!) We also definitely didn’t need waterproofs in fact we went slightly pink!

ETA: last post I wrote Tim Hart not Ralph McTell. The latter sang Sally the Seal on Alphabet zoo, but Tim Hart’s nursery rhymes come highly recommeneded too!


a little low

July 8, 2011

So this week hasn’t been the easiest. DH has had some medical investigations (investigation stress more than d/x stress) and then I had an antenatal appointment with the Dr instead of the midwife.

On my antenatal notes, plastered right across the top is Group B Strep. I had a positive test to group b strep IN my kidneys 16 years ago. At the beginning of the pregnancy the dr said “oh you’ll be offered antibiotics during labour”. I don’t do drugs well with my M.E. so I was a bit perturbed by this and after a bit of further reading questioned him again as my infection had been so internal and had never reoccurred “oh well it likely will during pregnancy” was his reply. Since then every time my midwife opened my notes she went “ooh group b strep” which was really beginning to annoy me, especially as reading up on it, it is a bacteria that a large proportion of the population carry asymptomatically and the risk of newborn infection and then death is VERY low and that antibiotics do not hugely reduce this risk and in fact carry further risks to baby (such as good gut bacteria being killed off, yeast infections making feeding hard, antibiotic resistant infections etc). So I wrote in my notes about how long it’d been since the infection, where the infection was and no reoccurance since. This stopped the midwife going on about it at all appts, but it still wasn’t clear if I’d be “offered” anti-b’s during labour, where I could labour… The midwife said it was a matter for the Dr.

The night before I printed off the research I’d found (shout if you want links-they are nicely scientific) and highlighted the areas (oh yes I’d already given a copy to my midwife, who understood from that that I really wanted a birthing unit birth and no antibiotics). I was a bit of a wreck, what with low energy from the previous few days, pregnancy (incl the tmi symptoms**) and was also playing a childhood favourite CD (well we had it on LP when I was a kid, but just got the CD ready for bump!). Tim HartRalph McTell’s Sally the Seal had me sobbing!!

I felt calmer on the morning of the appointment and enjoyed knitting in the waiting room, watching some toddlers play (cars are universally the favourite toy there!). Went in to the dr who it turns out was seeing me to ascertain an M.E. update, check my left sided weakness stuff again… I apologised about writing in my notes, but explained why and then I asked if this meant I could not birth on the birthing unit (instead of the medical unit-which incidentally is 1 floor down!) and was told that there was NO reason not. He did say I’d be offered anti-b’s but when I said I’d prefer not, he chipped in that it wasn’t a foolproof system anyway (wish I could remember his wording!). No fight needed, no presenting of research needed. It’s my choice. He did later put a few “what ifs” at me, but when I said that of course if there are complications that I would weigh up the issues then, he complimented me on being open minded and pragmatic!

I get to see him again next week, nothing to do with the above, but because he thinks baby may be breach. I am having a scan to see… I don’t think it is, but if it is will just wait and see… Am going to have to make sure the sonographer knows we still don’t want to know the baby’s sex!

I finished baby’s second “baby leg” (legwarmer) today 😀 … so that’s 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of baby legs. I plan on starting a sweater for it over the weekend.

😀 typing this has been quite calming 🙂

** a side note, almost literally. To avoid aggravating the piles, I am spending a lot of time lying on my side instead of sitting. Lying on my back is out as I feel too ill (pregnancy). i can browse the internet/read/watch tv in this position, but cannot type/knit/write which has led me to be very bored indeed.

ETA: another low was seeing a photo of me and bump sat in my wheelchair. I just look fat 😦 -photo was taken at a choir performance which I didn’t particularly enjoy though so…



July 6, 2011

SO my last update got half eaten? and ended on an embarassing bit that had it continued wouldn’t have been so cringeworthy. Let me try posting what was written and trying to remember what I wrote after…

Ha, so after that last post, my snacks changed to more high iron snacks such as apricots and nuts as my Hb was down to 11 from 13.5 at the beginning of pregnancy. I was feeling really shattered and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t iron related (thus solvable). Then a week ago my need to eat so much stopped-stopped and switched to “don’t eat too much at once” ie don’t pig out on a roast at parents. It led to a very uncomfortable evening!!

Between the shatteredness, tmi piles….. nope i can’t remember-unless it was to say that DIY continues, but the end is in sight?!!

I was going to post a pic, but the network was down, so I’ll do that now… It’s me at 31 weeks, so already 4 weeks out of date!! Am stood in front of the cot (useage plan for day time safe keeping/playing with mobile while i do important things like shower!)