June 5, 2011

So I briefly mentioned my food needs during the first stages of pregnancy, in these later stages of pregnancy, keeping up with the food needs of my body has been strangely difficult. I love my food, but eating every few hours takes some inventiveness. I’ve never eaten so much fruit, more of a veg person, but needs must (also the reason I went back to drinking coffee-after the nausea weeks that is!) Here’s what I eat (drink water throughout)

Breakfast: Glass of OJ, Museli/blueberry wheats with strawberries/raspberries, 1 scoops worth of cafetiere coffee

Snack: Bread (*home made sour dough)/toast + choc spread (the nutty sort!)/Yoghurt + fruit/museli bar + pineapple/other fruit

Lunch: 2 slices of bread* with hummous + cheese/ham + cucucumber/avo + pink lady apple

Snack: sea above

Tea: 2 biscuits + cup of tea

Supper: main meal (tonight a cheats supper of sausage (love waitrose’s foot long packs!) chips, mediterranean veg, green beans in garlic)

Snack: not pineapple since I realised its a diuretic but dark choc works well at this time of night as does a mug of hot choc/see above.

If I miss the evening snack for example I wake at 5 am ravenous/sick and if I miss the mid morning snack, I feel quite waffy. So far all my weight is on my bump though, so no complaints, just weird having to eat so much + regularly.

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