Still here

June 2, 2011

Between bank holiday catching up with family, antenatal appointments and classes, choir and DIY I’ve been chasing my proverbial tail in the energy stakes.

Baby continues to grow well, no new bump pics though. I’ve got really sore thighs when I turn over in bed, which has resulted in me sleeping with 6 pilllows strategically placed at the mo. Doing some research today it would appear to be SPD but not badly.

We now have a new bathroom, carpets fitted in the bedrooms upstairs and a downstairs WC almost finished. Since the carpets, we’ve put together the “nursery” (we plan on cosleeping, but having somewhere safe to put baby while I jump in the shower and to store its stuff is needed). The carseat and cloth nappies have arrived as have some gorgeous parcels from m’ mum incl a changing mat and a beautifully wrapped parcel. (the little nappy on the gift tag!!)

best thing to arrive in the post recently tho’ has been an early (big) birthday present. A little yellow netbook. Balancing my massive heavy laptop on my hip (lying on my back is no longer an option) was getting v difficult and carrying upstairs has been impossible (even pre pregnancy)

exciting creative photography, I know…

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