April 24, 2011

Through all the planning, we’d also planned on needing luck. There are too many people about who tell of infertility/years to conceive and who knew what M.E. had done to my reproductive system (4-6 week cycles for one!) and Sy knows he has microcalcification in his testes (after a Testicular cancer scare)… We’d decided to give ourselves a year after deciding to “go for it” and we weren’t going to go down IVF route-not worth throwing my body out of kilter completely.

Knowing we were both happy with wishing to start a family-not a ooh today I’m ok, I think, but a deep knowledge; Simon jokingly said in November that we really shouldn’t try yet as he didn’t want an August baby (being an August baby himself). Yet december 6th, I found out that I was pregnant!!!!!!!!! So far luck has stayed with us as there have been no complications and it looks like I’ll be allowed to give birth on a midwife led unit and not a medical ward.

Still haven’t uploaded the pics from the new camera of the picnic in the park and right now my macaroni cheese and salad is ready-so a pictureless waffle for today!

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