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April 28, 2011

So I almost chickened out of sharing the park lunch photo, as  the shadows do neither of our chins any favours and my eyes are shut and boob is hanging out, but hey…


Some baking I did last weekend-sponge works just fine by melting butter, then beating the ingredients together with a wooden spoon until your arm can take no more (not long in my case!) these were lemon variety with lemon drizzle over the top-not bad at all!


and finally a bump pic, of me at 23 weeks




April 24, 2011

Through all the planning, we’d also planned on needing luck. There are too many people about who tell of infertility/years to conceive and who knew what M.E. had done to my reproductive system (4-6 week cycles for one!) and Sy knows he has microcalcification in his testes (after a Testicular cancer scare)… We’d decided to give ourselves a year after deciding to “go for it” and we weren’t going to go down IVF route-not worth throwing my body out of kilter completely.

Knowing we were both happy with wishing to start a family-not a ooh today I’m ok, I think, but a deep knowledge; Simon jokingly said in November that we really shouldn’t try yet as he didn’t want an August baby (being an August baby himself). Yet december 6th, I found out that I was pregnant!!!!!!!!! So far luck has stayed with us as there have been no complications and it looks like I’ll be allowed to give birth on a midwife led unit and not a medical ward.

Still haven’t uploaded the pics from the new camera of the picnic in the park and right now my macaroni cheese and salad is ready-so a pictureless waffle for today!


Planning & Reality

April 20, 2011

Planning to start a family, included thinking about how my body would deal with pregnancy and labour as well as baby, toddler, kiddy stages… Until 18 months ago (ish-might be longer), we had categorically decided not to have kids and were happy in that decision, it was right at the time! Then the desire and the possibilty combined and the thinking stage was lengthy. We discussed it with my parents mainly but just generally mulled it over and over and over… Having a family wasn’t going to be just about “I want” it had to be “we can”. I always plan anything with my current level of health in mind with a bit of leaway to not being as well as I am now. It’s been the best way of achieving my plans… Hoping for “well I might be better by then, I’ll plan to do X” had in the past proven to be the frustrating way of thinking. Living closer to family was a big part of our decision towards “we can”.

I knew to expect morning sickness (or all day nausea/being sick if i forgot to wear my pressure bands), but didn’t expect to feel SO shattered! I went back to not getting out of bed for more than an hour in the evening, warming up food in a microwave upstairs at lunch (baked potatoes and cheese were my stay down foods and strangely food helps nausea in pregnancy). It was pretty scary-had I made the right decision?? Would I be a good mum in this state?

Roll forward to 14 weeks (luckily I didn’t hang my hat on feeling better at the magic 12 weeks) and my energy levels started returning to my normal. There were weeks when 8.30 was an acceptable bedtime mind!

Today at 23.5 weeks, I felt pretty rough (ME wise) this morning, but took myself in my chair (now I can get it out the shed myself) down to the local park for a lunchtime picnic (sarnie and crisps and jam tarts) with Simon. Had a nice long nap this afternoon and a very chilled evening (while Sy’s been out mountain biking.)  He’s just home in fact, so I shall promise you a pic of the park tomorrow, but for now leave you with a pic of me at 20 ish weeks.

image in black and white. stood up, side profile, wearing striped tee, showing bump


A new venture.

April 2, 2011

So once upon a time, this blog was set up as a creative journal… I wasn’t the best blogger and then it ground to a halt completely. My husband got a new job, we moved house, DIY started all over again.

I am now hoping to start writing about creatively parenting… why yes, I’m pregnant!!(planned cos someone’s bound to wonder)!! Why creatively parenting? Well living with a chronic health condition requires lateral thinking at the best of times, but the prospect of parenting will require even more!

I’d like to link to The Spoon Theory and ask you remember that you are seeing snapshots of my life. Chances are you’ll see the best of my best days, but not the worst of my worst days or the mundane day to day, that’s the type of person I am. I’ll vent after a meltdown, but rationalise it and be smiling again, even if healthwise I’m still pretty crappy. Am basically a private person, who get’s on with life’s ups and downs instead of writing them down forever more…