Unseen FO

May 1, 2010

Knitting did something to my buying instinct. It buggered it up! I have bought several yarns “because they were a bargain” and struggled with them, because the colour wasn’t right/the gauge wasn’t right… I refer back to “The tale of Rowan Polar” for example.  The project that I first did this on, has until now not been publically seen. Similarly to Rowan Polar: I bought the yarn “Salmon” for a sweater for myself. Knowing what colours suit me is inate, yet I decided to trust a computer monitor and not the name, then couldn’t be bothered to return it. I don’t know how much I knitted before it got frogged.

I’d bulk bought this colour. I think it was my first venture away from acrylic, pennies were tight. I decided to knit my Nan a sweater. My nan is not a small woman, this wool was DK weight. I knit her a sweater, GUESSING at her size.

Now it doesn’t help that she’s wearing a pink rugby shirt underneath, so you cannot see how truly too big this sweater was. The arms are a good indication though.

To the family’s disgust that sweater got worn and worn and worn and worn though, as my Nan gets VERY cold and layered it over other things. That is until she had a brainfog day and boil washed it! OOPS!

I’m proud of my perseverance for such a large project, embarrassed to recycle yarn in that way and more embarrassed about the gross overestimation in the size I knit. It was my first sweater though.

The yarn bargain issue still seems to exist. If anyone knows a cure?

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