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April 30, 2010

I spend most of my time at home, so I spend most of my knitting time at home. In the winter, that’s usually on the sofa, the right hand end to be precise lol. I put my feet up on the foot stooly thing, have my glass of water to hand and either music/tv on. Sometimes I venture to a different chair 😉 In the summer, when it’s warm enough to be outside, my knitting and I move to our Adirondack chairs outside. They have wide arm rests useful, for phones and water and the yarn (always centre pull to stop it falling on the ground TOO often).

I’ve been known to knit in the kitchen while Simon cooks, or at the computer (good way to finish a boring project). I don’t knit in bed as often as I used to, but if I’m unable to nap/having a particularly horrid day, then knitting in bed infront of a good film is great.

Rarely do I go out without some knitting with me. On long car journeys it’s amazing how much of a sock can be knitted. I think once you’ve knitted and found spaces of time to knit, you become aware of how much time non-knitters must be at a loose end. In those moments, my knitting comes out. Knitting is also a good way for me to STOP and not make myself do more than I should. Mum and I spent an hour in Edinburgh’s art gallery’s coffee shop knitting, switching off, taking 5 whilst dad and Simon went off and “did” art. It meant my batteries were recharged.

Some pictoral evidence:

from top left to bottom right: (1) me knitting lying down in the sunshine in the middle of Mount Grace Priory (2) Picasa wouldn’t let me move the pics, so Mum’s head and feet are chopped off: Mum knitting in Edinburgh (3) the adirondack in the snow (3) me and the sock I’m knitting up a mountain in Austria (4) me knitting amongst the DIY (wallpapering to be precise) (5) the sofa, as you look at it, I sit on the left (6) The dining room, where yarn winding and yarn storage and Ravelry happens (7) me knitting on the sofa

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