Great Knitter(s)

April 28, 2010

I started this entry this morning and wasn’t sure I could talk about ONE great knitter and had planned to talk about those whose blogs I RSS subscribe to, however on writing the WHYs, I’ve realised that there are two front runners for my favourite knitters, yet the reasons aren’t just knitting related.

Ysolda and Kate (aka needled/wazz)

I’ve been reading Ysolda’s blog for a long long time. Since before she decided to go pro in the pattern writing. I think it was through her writing that I found Kate’s. They are both exceptional writers with their own style. In fact they are two very strong women who seem to have a very strong sense of self and that is reflected in the blogs beautifully.

The patterns that they have individually designed are so varied, from chunky cosy sweaters to wispier more feminine deisgns. I’ve knitted two of  each of their designs with more in my queue. The patterns are very well written.

Their knitting inspiration goes beyond their patterns released though. I learnt directional increases and choosing the correct size and adapting it to fit from Ysolda and Kate’s play with colour designs-well I refer to yesterday’s entry on what colour designs mean to me.

The reason though that I love their blogs so much, is that ithey go beyond knitting. They include fantastic photos, cooking, baking, journeys and Kate’s recent rehab. They’re people not “just” knitters and I smile everytime that their name is highlighted as being updated.

The glimpses of Edinburgh are added extras!

Link to other people writing about Great Knitters


  1. Ysolda is one of my favorites as well. Her patterns have a vintage feel but still look so modern and sweet.

  2. I love reading Ysolda blog she is a great designer & knitter. I will have to check out Kate’s’ blog

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