April 27, 2010

The type of patterns I still avoid with trepidation stems from a time consuming failed project. I give you space invader socks:

They look good, the foot is to fit a male size 11. They took a long long time. They do not fit. The colourwork is too tight that they are a struggle to get on my size 6 feet. I still haven’t frogged these, despite them being finished several years ago. Actually writing that last sentence makes me realise that I probably should frog and restart the leg part, as there’s no way that my knitting skills have stayed static.

The following four links are items I’ve got in my favourites ominously tagged with “colourwork” that I feel encompass what I would love to do some-day.

Little Birds,Ā Reykjavic, and two ravelry only links: Hyla’s fair isle hoodie, Baby’s first fair isle.

Other peoples’ knitting aspirations stories


  1. What is it you like so much about colorwork ? šŸ™‚

    • šŸ™‚ it’s partly that it won over me and I want to even the score, but colour generally makes me smile, so doing colourwork at least doubles the smile factor.

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