Starting Out

April 26, 2010

I meant to ask mum HOW it was that in 2006, I got her to show me how to crochet again. In primary school we’d “learnt”. I never got the hang of it and a well meaning (?) relative did my crocheting for me instead of teaching me. I was left with the feeling that I couldn’t crochet-ever. So, it was a surprise to pick up a hook and start on my merry way.

That year I made slippers, hats, scarves, mittens, amigurumis, some blankets, podcosies, mostly out of acrylic yarn as that was all I could find. Craftster was a fantastic inspiration…

My nan bought me some sockyarn on holiday in Germany and that was the intro into knitting. I found a fantastic pattern for crocheted socks, but did not get on with small hooks, so half way through the foot, I frogged that attempt and went and found http://www.knittinghelp.com to teach me.

From swatching to my first socks (toe up) being completed was according to my photos a little over 2 months, with a fun fur scarf along the way.

I do feel that knitting links me with previous generations. My nan knitted me a few sweaters as a kid-I loved them, itchy and all and made countless baby shawls. My great grandmother apparently used to knit in the stands at Murrayfield! Mum now knits too (she’d learnt as a teen, but never really loved it then).

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