April 25, 2010

Recently I was considering getting an SLR camera with liveview. Because of my visual field loss, I’ve always wondered if what I see through the view finder is what the picture will look like. Digital cameras with liveview have been fab. Hours of research revealed that an Olympus DSLR is condsiderably lighter than the Canon equivalents that Simon and Mum both have and I thought that it would make it easier to use because of that as well as its liveview function. This week though I’ve been playing about with Simon’s DSLR (no liveview) and having considerable fun with Aperture Priority settings. Not sure I need to invest in a lighter/liveview camera, as hey I can always take a pic and adjust the framing of it for the second pic if needed. The pic I like best from today’s attempts:



  1. Lovely picture! I also enjoy playing with the aperture setting on my camera :oD I often set my camera on a tripod with whatever I am photographing n front of me and then run through all of the aperture settings one by one – one of the great freedoms of digital photography and no worries of film wastage!

    I must ask, though, what is ‘live view’?

    I would LOVE to have a go of an SLR one day.

    • live view is what normal digi cameras have. You see what you are taking one the LCD screen as well as through the view finder. DSLR cameras until recently didn’t have that-they show you what you’ve taken afterwards, but not the live stuff before hand-does that make sense?

    • PS: am impressed that you can play with aperture settings on a non SLR digi camera. Mine won’t.

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