Spring sprung

April 10, 2010

Before Easter we’d had the joys of snowdrops and the daffodil were looking willing, but this week has seen the daffodils burst out and come the end of the week, warm sunshine came along on Thursday too. I was very glad of that sunshine as my limited energy was beginning to bug the hell out of me. Getting outside to the patio (a few feet from the sofa) to photograph some projects proved that the sunshine was warm enough to be outside without being wrapped in tonnes of layers too. So after unsuccessfully being artistic (my snapping had to happen from a seat) I grabbed my knitting and sat outside for an hour to knit.

Pic of what could have been more artistic if I’d got the snap angle better: Still, a pretty daffodil and cheerily bright socks.

Today Simon needed to head out for DIY supplies and so I tagged along and we went for a walk along the river on the way back. I’d originally thought of parking along the ringroad, but we headed to waterend instead and headed west (out of the city). We’d previously done the river walk from waterend into town or from town out towards rowntree park, but this bit of the river walk (up to the park and ride anyway, beyond that the ringroad invades the senses too much) is my new favourite bit. I managed all the kissing gates in my chair-albeit not easily (the one the other side of the ring road was a NIGHTMARE-felt like I could’ve ended in the river at the slip of the joystick)-I didn’t brave the cattle grids as if the jockey wheels swivelled (and they do) I’d have been truly stuck. Radar key gates like on Hobs Moor would be welcome York council (hint hint lol)

Decided that if I were to do the walk by myself parking at the park and ride wold be a better choice as the hoist for the wheelchair is troublesome on the hill at waterend (although could go a bit further and park on the street). While checking out parking t+cs atthe park and ride Simon went to the loo and came out, KNOWING I’d be sat on the swings at the playground (no kids prevented from playing, the place was empty!)

Two pics of Simon (I had the camera) on the swings. The first-helicoptor spotting as only he knows how!

Since being home I’ve been thinking about how great that river path would be to cycle. Last year at the cycling festival (Simon’s a keen cyclist, MTB and commuting) I tried a handcrank bike (I’d also tried one in the peak district when we camped there. It’s a wheel that attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair lifting the jockey wheels up and it has pedals that you “crank” with your arms). Loved it-it killed me. Which is why when I was given the opportunity of trialling a handcrank bike indefinitely and for free I made the very sensible decision to turn it down. I’ve got where I am by being sensible though and I love my chair…

Sensible or mad I’ve also been considering ripping back a sweater I’ve had LOADS of compliments about (and the most hearts on ravelry), because honestly I’ve only worn it a handful of times.

I used the “wrong” cast on for this and it’s a little tight at the bottom (knit bottom up, no yarn left over) AND I feel very self conscious of my wobbly tummy in it. Plus I’ve come to the conclusion that illness affects clothes choices more than I’d realised. Tight things can hurt and I need temperature variations (usually options to be warmer)…

So yes frugal knitting is making me think of reusing the yarn for a garment I’d wear more often. I’ve not forotten about photographing the grey reincarnation, but I need a photographer to do that πŸ˜‰

Next sensible choice is to shut up, hurry my hubby out of the bath so we can have a beer and some food together.


One comment

  1. Noooooooo !!!!! That is a GREAT sweater ! Cool color, cool pattern, bottom does not look too tight ….and about the wobbly tummy ? Can’t see it – maybe the ribbing is acting like a girdle πŸ˜‰

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