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March 8, 2010

I just realised this morning about my desire for a workshop and minions has not just been about disability aids, as when we owned our aircooled VWs I also wanted a garage and sprayshop to hand 😉

Knitting wise I’ve finished, worn, blocked and wearing again my grey reincarnation, which I shall hopefully get photographed later, but otherwise, my brain’s been pretty fried and therefore creativity has been slow. Even swatching for a new sweater, I went DOWN a needle size when I had too many stitches per inch in my first swatch and it took Simon pointing it out! big oops.


Design in the mobility world

March 3, 2010

As you’ll have been able to tell from my house entries, I enjoy living in aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Aethetically pleasing to me is about texture, materials of the items, lines and colour. This needs to be mixed with a good dose of functionality too. Hence I’m looking for a sideboard that will offer the same storage space we currently have in ours, but in a better layout, made out of solid wood and clean unfussy lines. I’ve been looking for a while, as my budget is also constraining choices, but I know what I want exists and if we have to save up longer for it, so be it.

However when it comes to an item that spans 4m, gets used several times daily, choice does not appear to exist. I’ve been researching a new stairlift. Bogstandard stairlifts are made of this beige, grey plastic and sometimes you get the choice of upholstery colours (usually beige, blue or red) and usually vinyl or bus-seat scratchy stuff. Thfey invariably have office carpet on the footrest-the grey corrugated stuff? The rail is now often quite sleek compared to older versions, powder coated cream or stainless steel aluminium (I meant in colour not material) -major dust gatherers, but relatively easy to dust/hoover. Talking of dust, there are some many difficult to reach bits on the stairlift chair part… major design flaw. When parked up, stairlifts usually require folding up, to allow other stair-users better access. This means the arms fold up, the seat folds from mid seat and the footrest folds up too. Giving you a sea of the grey-beige plastic and some odd shapes. Mum and I tried making a fabric cover for my stairlift, but due to the folding and other parts (swivel levers and on off switches) it really didn’t look good.

Googles best efforts brought up one website showing a nicely upholstered chair, but still the nooks and crannys for dust and a slight improvement on the grey-beige, but not much of one. When folded though, this chair looks uglier than most!!

This is not the first time I’ve stumbled upon a massive gap in the mobility market. I’d love to have a team of welders, electricians etc to hand to design something from the end user point, whilst CONSTANTLY considering cost, as mobility products carry a high price. form and function.

in the meantime, back to swatching for a gorgeous cardigan.