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IF (olympic entry)

February 13, 2010

Now I don’t like playing the if game, but this is lighthearted…

If I weren’t ill AND were good enough in my chosen sport, what would be my olympic discipline?

For me it’d be swimming. Freestyle to be more precise. I have always had some disability which means that my hand eye coordination isn’t fab and neither is my balance, but even with those, I was a good swimmer. Loved it and was pretty good. I wasn’t much of a competitive swimmer though, competitive against myself or the clock, but not against others when all swimming at the same time. I also loved swimming longer and longer distances under water.

So, if you were at olympic level what discipline would you compete in?

I have my knitting ready for olympics watching (interspersed with the rugby of course) but will not be competing in the Ravelympics as I’ve already cast on for my project prior to the flame being lit.

PS I know it’s the winter olympics and although I grew up skiing regularly (living just a few hours from the mountains) and iceskated, I really wasn’t very good and I enjoyed the scenery, sunshine and cakes a lot more than the sport 😉