End of January

January 31, 2010

January’s been a strange one.

I gave studying a go, but was running on adrenalin, for which I’m now paying healthwise. Not financially too though, as thankfully I realised before the official course sart date. Someone shoot me next time I get a case of the “should” or “ought”!!

Knitting wise I got all evangelical about finishing my UFOs, but it’s been slow after the christmas knitting rush. A big purple balnket that I made and then ripped back, is ALMOST a new blanket, but not quite-the colour is finally growing on me though. I sold/traded some of the yarn I got because it was cheap, but didn’t really like the colour-lesson learnt there, colour matters big time to me.

THIS grey cardi:

gained a purple border and owned some buttons before I decided that by adding the purple button band, the shaping at the sides made my flabby bits look even worse (although they have lost the 5 pounds that’d crept on over winter)…. so over the past few days, the grey has become


and is currently taking a bath

am planning a long short-sleeved top down sweater with it-how i ever managed to get a hoody cardi out of it I don’t know-but should have enough for the new project.

apart from announcing that Shannon has won the buttons. (I decided to roll a dice for the winner, and I rolled a 2. I’ll contact you!) my brain has run out of steam completely, so for now …

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  1. Thank you! I’ll look forward to the buttons!

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