January 21, 2010

As a non clutter person, but someone who likes stuff, I’ve been surprised my a major declutter bug that has hit me this January. It’s involved finishing off UFOs of knitting and ruthless sorting of “stuff”. The charity shop did very well and I’m also in the process of swapping/selling yarn (Rav link)  that I don’t particularly like but I’m sure someone else will.  Feels good though, especially getting rid of stuff with negative emotional baggage. I’m all for nice things around me, but they either need to be intrinsically beautiful/useful preferably both!

For one of my knitting projects I ordered some buttons to finish it off. Turns out that they’re more of a forest dark deep green than grey though. The seller kindly refunded me and let me keep the buttons. So, I’m giving them away for free here. Just leave a comment if you’d like them-tell me if you’re a regular reader through ravelry/rss/random clicker. If you’re here for Urbis, or if you occasionally pop in or if you’re just here for the give away. I don’t mind whichever way, I’m just nosey-though I won’t find out about those of you who the buttons don’t appeal to will I? 😉 Open to everyone-I’ll use a random number generator and announce the “winner” on Sunday 31st.

36 vintage greeny grey bakelite buttons 18mm:

Other than tidying and knitting, I’ve also started studying. Signed up for an OU course in Science which starts at the end of the month and I’m getting a head start…


  1. OK, here for the giveaway I heard about on Rav. I would love buttons. These are perfect for towel toppers.

  2. Hi,
    I’m visiting your blog for the first time after seeing your contest announcement on the Blog Hub.
    I just thought I’d pop in and say I like your banner.
    I’m with you on the decluttering, but I could probably find a use for those buttons!
    Shannon (AndaraKnits on Rav)
    (Sorry if you get 2 comments from me – I’m on a borrowed computer with sensitive keys)

  3. Hi Sarah
    visiting your blog via Rav. I’m the person who you swapped your salmon coloured yarn with. Today I’ve been knitting ‘great weekend mitts’ for my daughter Rosa. I am using navy and purple for the main stripes, and will be using gray yarn & green buttons, or green yarn & grey buttons for the placket. I will need about 24 same,round buttons and your’s are perfect ! I would really like to use them for this project.

    Love what you are saying about clutter and about getting rid of things when they are not intrinsically beautiful +/or useful. A good yardstick !

    Best wishes, Jeannette

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