my little snow sweater story

January 8, 2010

deciding to rinse and spin my sweaters which didn’t leak colour in the washimg machine ended up being a mistake to day… time saving? nope!

I was just putting the bread on to rise before phoning my parents out in australia when i heard some trickling from the utility room… My immediate thought was the drain outside had frozen again, so after switching off the machine, shoving some towels on the puddles, i went and poured hot (not boiling) water over the drain, heard some creaking-thought great! poured some more, just to be sure then put the washer on to drain… no water in the drain, more in the house. at this point I decided either the pipe outside is frozen more solidly or the pipe from the washer to outside is frozen… I mopped up the floor, then hoped that the washer would let me open it to rescue my sweaters. It did luckily as they were sat deep in water… instead of using the little drain thing at the bottom of the washer, I continued using the microfiber cloths to empty the drum (didn’t know what would fit under the washer that would be big enough!) Whole mop bucket of water from the utility room and now two sweaters that need attention. BIG OOPS.

apologies for snow stories-we don’t get this much snow in england often 😉

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