Neat Freak and Photos

January 3, 2010

Christmas saw me knitting right to the end…

  • I’d finished my nieces owls way back, but they remained unphotographed until Christmas eve. (pic below)
  • 1.25 pairs of socks knit for mum (the first leg part had to be knit twice-typical when you’re short of time!
  • I successfully managed to knit and block Simon a scarf without him knowing
  • I knit mum a Pretty Thing – finished 23rd
  • I also knit 3 owl hats – finished xmas eve.

2 of the Owlet Sweaters:

I didn’t manage to photograph anything but the hats and the aforementioned sweaters!! OOPS.

3 Owl hats

The 3rd owlet sweater, 5 weeks into being owned, now with a matching hat and pose in the inglenook fireplace with new toothbrushes as props lol:

Christmas was lovely and chilled out, a lovely icey walk, good food and company, a visit to the panto and some not half bad pressies… Speaking of which, we got given a second dinner service to compliment our existing one…What did we do when we returned? We got excited about reorganising space for them to coexist and I went one step further and photographed our fun. Yes, I do believe (thanks in part to comments here) that I have a neat freak bug in me. Second pic is of some Russian doll mugs we picked up for a fiver-reduced from 20 (spot the glue and wallpaper paste lol-not so neat!) Guitar hero is calling, so I shall leave my oddness there and upload some photos.


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