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End of January

January 31, 2010

January’s been a strange one.

I gave studying a go, but was running on adrenalin, for which I’m now paying healthwise. Not financially too though, as thankfully I realised before the official course sart date. Someone shoot me next time I get a case of the “should” or “ought”!!

Knitting wise I got all evangelical about finishing my UFOs, but it’s been slow after the christmas knitting rush. A big purple balnket that I made and then ripped back, is ALMOST a new blanket, but not quite-the colour is finally growing on me though. I sold/traded some of the yarn I got because it was cheap, but didn’t really like the colour-lesson learnt there, colour matters big time to me.

THIS grey cardi:

gained a purple border and owned some buttons before I decided that by adding the purple button band, the shaping at the sides made my flabby bits look even worse (although they have lost the 5 pounds that’d crept on over winter)…. so over the past few days, the grey has become


and is currently taking a bath

am planning a long short-sleeved top down sweater with it-how i ever managed to get a hoody cardi out of it I don’t know-but should have enough for the new project.

apart from announcing that Shannon has won the buttons. (I decided to roll a dice for the winner, and I rolled a 2. I’ll contact you!) my brain has run out of steam completely, so for now …


Dear Doc

January 26, 2010

Dear Doctors,

(or anyone else interested)

I have a mystery I’d like solving-so here’s the lowdown:

16 years ago, aged 12 I lost my peripheral vision in both eyes. Leaving me with visual fields like those seen in people with pituitary tumours with pressure on the optic chiasma.(bitemporal hemianopia)

I was obviously immediately sent for an MRI. No tumour.

There was scaring on my brain however.

There was also Oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid.

I got an MS diagnosis and within the year developed other symptoms: such as not being able to tell hot from cold water, the feeling of spiders running over me. My legs stopped functioning about a year later and I had bad spasms. Months of inability to walk were interspersed with relatively well times for the next few years. Initially I was given high dose Cortisone which appeared to help. I also had a few brief episodes of deteriorated vision, which were helped with low level cortisone.

The scaring on my MRI did not change. Oligoclonal bands were no longer present. MS diagnosis was revoked.

After several years of no diagnosis including psychiatric referral for assessment (dismissed as healthy!) I got a diagnosis of M.E./CFS.

Scaring on brain was put down to head injury as a child. It was briefly suggested that vision problems occurred at head injury time-this can categorically be ruled out as after said head injury I developed a nystagmus which was operated on age 5 and regular (max 6 month interval) eye exams were carried out. Pale optic discs were apparent though.

On the Ayme ability scale, I have been at 0% at my worst, but with careful management of energy seem to have levelled at 30-40%.

My vision loss has still not been explained and within the Uk system you have to be referred via your GP for investigation and as there has been no change in my fields, my GP will not make a referral. My visual acuity has deteriorated over the past 2 years from -1.5 to -2.25 and now -2.00

So if an interested doc happened to google any of my symptoms… I’m intrigued.



January 21, 2010

As a non clutter person, but someone who likes stuff, I’ve been surprised my a major declutter bug that has hit me this January. It’s involved finishing off UFOs of knitting and ruthless sorting of “stuff”. The charity shop did very well and I’m also in the process of swapping/selling yarn (Rav link)  that I don’t particularly like but I’m sure someone else will.  Feels good though, especially getting rid of stuff with negative emotional baggage. I’m all for nice things around me, but they either need to be intrinsically beautiful/useful preferably both!

For one of my knitting projects I ordered some buttons to finish it off. Turns out that they’re more of a forest dark deep green than grey though. The seller kindly refunded me and let me keep the buttons. So, I’m giving them away for free here. Just leave a comment if you’d like them-tell me if you’re a regular reader through ravelry/rss/random clicker. If you’re here for Urbis, or if you occasionally pop in or if you’re just here for the give away. I don’t mind whichever way, I’m just nosey-though I won’t find out about those of you who the buttons don’t appeal to will I? 😉 Open to everyone-I’ll use a random number generator and announce the “winner” on Sunday 31st.

36 vintage greeny grey bakelite buttons 18mm:

Other than tidying and knitting, I’ve also started studying. Signed up for an OU course in Science which starts at the end of the month and I’m getting a head start…


my little snow sweater story

January 8, 2010

deciding to rinse and spin my sweaters which didn’t leak colour in the washimg machine ended up being a mistake to day… time saving? nope!

I was just putting the bread on to rise before phoning my parents out in australia when i heard some trickling from the utility room… My immediate thought was the drain outside had frozen again, so after switching off the machine, shoving some towels on the puddles, i went and poured hot (not boiling) water over the drain, heard some creaking-thought great! poured some more, just to be sure then put the washer on to drain… no water in the drain, more in the house. at this point I decided either the pipe outside is frozen more solidly or the pipe from the washer to outside is frozen… I mopped up the floor, then hoped that the washer would let me open it to rescue my sweaters. It did luckily as they were sat deep in water… instead of using the little drain thing at the bottom of the washer, I continued using the microfiber cloths to empty the drum (didn’t know what would fit under the washer that would be big enough!) Whole mop bucket of water from the utility room and now two sweaters that need attention. BIG OOPS.

apologies for snow stories-we don’t get this much snow in england often 😉


Neat Freak and Photos

January 3, 2010

Christmas saw me knitting right to the end…

  • I’d finished my nieces owls way back, but they remained unphotographed until Christmas eve. (pic below)
  • 1.25 pairs of socks knit for mum (the first leg part had to be knit twice-typical when you’re short of time!
  • I successfully managed to knit and block Simon a scarf without him knowing
  • I knit mum a Pretty Thing – finished 23rd
  • I also knit 3 owl hats – finished xmas eve.

2 of the Owlet Sweaters:

I didn’t manage to photograph anything but the hats and the aforementioned sweaters!! OOPS.

3 Owl hats

The 3rd owlet sweater, 5 weeks into being owned, now with a matching hat and pose in the inglenook fireplace with new toothbrushes as props lol:

Christmas was lovely and chilled out, a lovely icey walk, good food and company, a visit to the panto and some not half bad pressies… Speaking of which, we got given a second dinner service to compliment our existing one…What did we do when we returned? We got excited about reorganising space for them to coexist and I went one step further and photographed our fun. Yes, I do believe (thanks in part to comments here) that I have a neat freak bug in me. Second pic is of some Russian doll mugs we picked up for a fiver-reduced from 20 (spot the glue and wallpaper paste lol-not so neat!) Guitar hero is calling, so I shall leave my oddness there and upload some photos.