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shnowy silence

December 20, 2009

Christmas knitting and a mental blank on how to photograph FOs means that I’ve been/am pretty silent at the mo. It’s beautifully snowy outside-maybe it will cure my photoless blog posts?

shoe/boot issue was resolved by mum posting back some DM (non classic) boots i’d given her as they hurt me too much-she has worn them and was bored with them-which meant they are worn in enough for me 😀


Shoe recommendations?

December 3, 2009

I need help!!

Looking for shoes that:

  1. Flat: (need to retain what balance I have)
  2. Lace up/have huge amount of adjustability (I have odd size feet. 2.5 sizes different. Odd size shoes look too weird.)
  3. Don’t need wearing in to be comfortable. (I don’t walk much/1 foot doesn’t bend much)
  4. preferably aren’t trainers!
  5. don’t cost more than £60
  6. can cope with wet weather
  7. have room for wideish feet in home knit socks

in an ideal world they’d be slightly quirky. in my walking more days I wore flowery doc martens for example… bright is good 😉