November 30, 2009

In true british fashion, the weather had me fascinated today. Beautiful blue cloudless skies that shouted “it’s bitterly cold out here” one minute and then black as black can be with icy rain the next. I often looked up from what I was doing as it’d suddenly go dark, or light and it was on one of those moments that I had a kite moment. Nannyo blogged about seeing 3 bird kites the other day, today between the roofs of the houses and against the black sky was a bright yellow “Mary Poppins-let’s go fly a kite” kite. Well no actually it wasn’t  a diamond-shaped kite with bunting but a stunt kite, but I stood and watched it for quite some time today. Am utterly puzzled as to where it was being flown from, but to the kite flyer, thank you.

One comment

  1. When I was little my Grandad and I made a kite together. He knew how to make a kite properly, with the little plastic ring that would adjust the angle of the kites when the wind was coming from a different direction – that kind of thing.

    We made it out of a very large plastic bag and some cane, and a fw other bits and bobs. At the weekend we got a bus to St. James’ Park in London to test it out.

    When we were unfolding it and putting it together a boy, about 4 or 5 years older than me was with his parents when he stopped dead, pointed and shouted ‘LOOK! That girl has a kite made out of bags. They must be too poor to afford a proper one!’ and promptly laughed himself to a stupor. His parents said nothing and they walked on.

    I was so hurt and now embarrassed by my kite, and refused to launch it. My grandad launched it alone, whilst I sat on a bench, feeling pretty down. But it flew so week that eventually I went over and held the string, and we flew that kite for ages – it was absolutely amazing, and we had made it.

    Later on we saw that same boy in the park with a face like thunder, shuffling along whilst his dad was kneeling next to the boy’s bike, inspecting his punctured tyre.

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