negative equity knitting

October 30, 2009

This morning, snuggled into bed, I grabbed my knitting bag from under my bed. Switched needle sizes and started knitting away on 2 sleeves at once, using magic loop-I’d done the ribbing previously. 25 rows later I suddenly remember that sleeves need to be increased regularly to fit arms! Cue: ripping. Leaving me in what I call, negative equity.  Although today’s venture probably doesn’t quite hit that, as I’m not further back from where I started. OOPS!

Re Frogging: I don’t frog unless I have to. That is, I don’t like leaving mistakes either, but a lot of things can be rectified by dropping back stitches and not frogging entire rows… Redoing cables like this, will be a picture post at some point. For now, my sleeves call.

One comment

  1. Ugh…I hate being in what you call negative equity! I keep looking for that point in the yarn where I didn’t wind it back onto the ball……the virgin yarn as I believe the harlot calls it.

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