Frugal knitting one step too far?

October 28, 2009

I have a hoodie that I finished in March last year.

Now, it’s a little shorter than I would have liked as I was running out of wool fast and the zip length also kind of determined the length of the hoodie.

If it were a bottom up hoodie, I’d rip back the hood and the flipped up hem (in contrasting yarn) and add a contrasting button and neck band and use the grey wool to add some ribbing/garter stitch to the bottom.

As the hoodie was knit top down though, this isn’t as straight forward….

why do i want to alter it and not just knit a new one? cost!! and it’s perfectly good wool-in fact i really like the wool… hmm. your thoughts would be gratefully received 😉


  1. Well, if you only want to alter instead of knit a new one because of cost (and that’s a blinkin’ good reason, in my opinion!) then you could always (gasp) totally frog and re-knit…

    The thing is, it’s a lovely top! Is there no way of acquiring just one or two more balls of this yarn?

    • frogging was one of the things I considered, but the thought of reknitting that amount of yarn wasn’t that appealing and it turns out that the underarms have started to felt, so not possible. As for the yarn, when you suggested it, I did a quick google and ravelry search, but it would appear that no, I cannot get that yarn again. I knew the place I originally got it wasn’t an option, but it looks like it’s no longer made…

      Soooo I’ve ordered some kingfisher dk weight wool and plan on frogging the knitted hem and the long cuffs (they’re a tad tight+short) and removing the zip. Then I plan on adding garter stitch borders to these-lengthening the cardi, making it more comfy. Then I plan on making a garter stitch button band that goes round the hood too and buying some pretty buttons. Might use some of the grey from frogging cuffs to accent the kingfisher making it look less afterthought 😉

      lol watch this space

  2. It’s quite a bit more fiddly, but I’m not averse to unpicking from a cast-on edge.

    But your option of using another colour seems a lot easier.

    It does look really good on you so I hope the alterations go well.

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