Why knit?

October 17, 2009

Eskimimi recently asked “Why do you knit?” I then started writing about how I started knitting and it all got a bit bogged down and boring, so it’s living in my drafts folder…

Why I knit in bullet points:

  • it’s a craft that (mostly) does not aggravate my pain
  • I love woolens
  • I love creating woolens
  • I like having something to show for my time
  • I enjoy the feeling of needles and wool and the knitting action
  • I feel connected with others through it (past and present)
  • maths!! πŸ™‚

Interestingly Ekimimi commented about the thriftyness of knitting and people’s mis-belief that it’s a cheap past-time. It really really isn’t. Yet,Β  through necessity, I have managed to keep all my sweaters to a price I’d be willing to pay in a shop for a woolen garment (Β£30) with a few coming in cheaper… This budget knitting hasn’t meant knitting in acrylic either, but it has limited my choices… Socks work out quite expensive, but are at Β£5 for a pair of socks it’s a luxury I enjoy (I rarely go over that price bracket).

My question to any readers interested in replying is Where do you knit? with a sub question of what do you do whilst knitting and do you knit in company of your cohabitees should you cohabit (be that houseshare, family, etc)

I’m saving this entry until I have photographed my environment of knitting for you πŸ˜‰

Morning knitting done in bed

the view from my bed (through ugly window)

view of green space visable through leaded bedroom window

where ravelry happens when the laptop needs charging

The living room-lunchtime and evening knitting

sofa with 2 balls of wool on arm-bright pictures above

Dining room,where wool winding happens, book and wool storage is and where a lot of bits of paper get scribbled on.

I do knit in company. In the evening if the tv’s on, I’m usually knitting. If we have music on, I’m definitely knitting. Being able to knit and chat and do is what makes knitting an amazing pasttime. In fact I am constantly trying to persuade Simon to knit πŸ˜‰ “just” sitting watching tv seems strange, but then maybe that’s what he needs!

I’m off down to my parents for a week tomorrow and have some 75% wool 25% acrylic ready waiting for me to make owlets-my first forray into kids knitting and with machine washable wool too (socks excepted)


  1. […] passing readers why they choose to knit as as a pastime or craft. Β One blogger that responded was Funkyflower, asking in turn where do you […]

  2. A newbie to your blog, hi. Where I knit on a large sofa in front of the telly, mostly the evening with my J Russell bonnie at my feet. Nearly always on my own when I knit, but will soon venture out to a new knitting club I found not to far from me. This will take some courage on my part, since I finished work because of an ongoing illness, I have lost touch with the outside world. But thank goodness for my needles and yarn.

    • hello!! thanks for dropping by and saying hi-good luck with the knitting club! Look forward to reading about it πŸ˜‰ as for the halloween knits-wow! tonnes o patience!!!

  3. Is that your house? It’s so nice! and sooo clean and tidy. You put me to shame.

    More to the point, your knitting is lovely. I CAN knit but find it frustratingly slow which is why I crochet instead.

    Keep up the brilliant work!xx

    • aww thank you!! the house in neatly messy lol. that pile of clothes on the chair in the dining room-ready for the charity shop…

      isn’t it weird how we find different things easy/hard… i’m definitely slower at crocheting than knitting πŸ˜‰ xx

  4. Where do I knit? All over the place. I knit on Saturday afternoons while listening to the Scottish football on the radio and every day while listening to the news on TV. I love to have a sock on the go so that I can knit it in cafes or other peoples’ houses.

    My friends and family are all used to me knitting so it doesn’t cause offence if I bring out a WIP.

    But my house is nowhere as neat as yours!

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