October 6, 2009

an addendum to my brief entry about wise choices. Another unwise choice is to expect said recipient of the cardigan to be a reliable source for measuring!

Let me explain a little more. I am about to join the arms and body together, but need to do another round on each to put stitches onto waste yarn. So I remeasure and realise that the arms are currently 23″ and I wanted to add another 4 rounds of garter stitch to the cuffs to bring them to the same depth of the garter at the bottom of the cardi. So, I picked up the phone, hoping my mum would remeasure my dad/one of his sweaters. Except she’s in the bath and my dad is cooking. So dad grabs “a sweater” I don’t even know if it’s a well fitting sweater, being so tall means that often things are a little short. He also grabs a DIY folding meter rule and measures the arm length.

I smiled, said thanks. I remembered I have one of his sweaters in my drawer (I kind of nicked it, it was/is cosy) so I’m going to measure that and go from there…

One comment

  1. Thanks for your post on my blog. It wasn’t too philosophical – it was perfect for me right here right now. Life isn’t just about the rainbows . . .

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