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bad blogger

May 26, 2009

I just had a comment on this blog about my owl sweater and it’s kicked me into updating. I am a bad blogger, I know!

Easter saw some sad knitterly news. I was visiting my parents and went to the loo. I got very cold feet. I guessed someone had been over energetic washing their hands and that I’d trodden in a puddle. No wetness on the floor. I turned my foot so I could see the sole and there was the problem. My first pair of socks I ever knit for myself (using my grandmother’s hand me down metal DPNs and short row toes and heels-oh yes, nothing like jumping in at the deep end)  had developed a hole on the pad of my foot. I know I could darn them, but they are looking remarkably thin EVERYWHERE! It does mean that my mum has taken pity on me and is currently knitting me a pair of socks, that is when I don’t interrupt her with my phonecalls!

That same weekend, saw me battling with a fried M.E. brain charting out and calculating the start of my dad’s Birthday Cardigan. I am doing a Saddle Shoulder Cardigan but without the pattern as I couldn’t justify the postage for one pattern from the states. I have EZ to hand and she is all about no patterns, so I hope Meg will forgive me. I managed to cast on and knit, and somehow twist the join, so had to restart!

Roll forward to now and this weekend I completed the body (I’m knitting this in DK-slowwwww) and have just joined the cuffs to start the sleeves. Dad’s birthday was beginning of May, but he doesn’t mind… I am attending a class in June at Uk Rav Day being run by Jared Flood on steeking. I am secretely hoping that I will have speed knitted this and steeked it before then, but as the workshop is weekend after next, I realise that’s a tad ambitious! I maanged to skein, wash and dry some more wool for the sweater, all in one day thanks to the gorgeous sunshine this weekend.

For dad’s birthday Simon and I joined my parents in Edinburgh for a week. I did NO KNITTING (except for maybe 2 rounds on my socks) but can see why so many knit designers are bred there. The city really inspired me. From stuff you see and think NO WAY why all of that in ONE thing, but some of it might be useful… to amazingly perfect things. I’m speaking of all things, art, clothes, buildings, scenery, even food… loved my time there. I will be emailing Edinburgh council about wheelchairy stuff though, I got stranded several times…

here’s to more updates.