Rugby + Lace

February 28, 2009

Rugby and lace knitting do not mix. I knitted a whole round of k4 YO k1 Yo k4 k4tog 20 TIMES before i realised that I should’ve been knitting a knit round. It really was an elementary mistake, as I shouldn’t be knitting anything but knit stitches into the previous rounds YOs. So I spent the first half of the Scotland game today, knitting that round, then promptly unknitting it! Managed to do the k round, then the pattern round and another k round in the second half. Glad scotland won too 😉

A pic of me in my newly finished sweater (owls by kate) in New Lanark chunky knitting my lace (Girasole in 4ply), just before the rugby.


  1. Loving the owl sweater – you have done really well 🙂

  2. Love that owl sweater!

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