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Rugby + Lace

February 28, 2009

Rugby and lace knitting do not mix. I knitted a whole round of k4 YO k1 Yo k4 k4tog 20 TIMES before i realised that I should’ve been knitting a knit round. It really was an elementary mistake, as I shouldn’t be knitting anything but knit stitches into the previous rounds YOs. So I spent the first half of the Scotland game today, knitting that round, then promptly unknitting it! Managed to do the k round, then the pattern round and another k round in the second half. Glad scotland won too 😉

A pic of me in my newly finished sweater (owls by kate) in New Lanark chunky knitting my lace (Girasole in 4ply), just before the rugby.


Old meets New

February 15, 2009

Last weekend whislt down at my parents’, we got a phonecall from my grandmother requesting some lace-weight yarn to knit some baby shawls. 2 things: She hasn’t knitted for years due to ill health and there are no babies on the family horizon.  Trawled through the britishyarns website and bookmarked a load of favourites for later perusal! Mum went and dug out one of the shawls that she’s had for over 30 years. When we were photographing other knitting stuff, we took some of the shawl; here they are 🙂