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The photo evidence

December 10, 2008




in anticipation

December 9, 2008

looks like it might all be happening tomorrow. I donated the £15 this morning, despite my plans to pay a barber the first time…


Christmas, charity, hair, your opinion

December 7, 2008

I’ve been leaving my hair to be in need of a cut for a few weeks now, as I wanted it cut at the end of next week, ready for all things christmas. Last time I had my haircut, it wasn’t my regular cutter and she didn’t do a good job at all. So, I phoned up at the beginning of the week to guarantee an appointment only to find out that my hairdresser had left! York’s hairdresser’s are pretty inaccessible. I phoned one that looked promising, but apropos their telephone manner, was not suitable due to steps in the salon. I refuse to spend more than £20 a haircut as I have it cut every 5 weeks-it needs it when it’s short. I’m not sure that the hairdressing college is open, but if it is that does remain an option.

The other option is to shave my hair-grade 2 ish. I’ve done it before, when i was too ill to leave the house to get my hair cut, but my long lout hair was driving me nuts… It didn’t suit me particularly well, as my black bags under my eyes took over-plus I was about 1.5stone heavier then.

I then read yarnharlot’s recent entry where she mentions Knitters Without Borders (MSF fundraising) and I thought, I could donate my £15 I would’ve spent on having my hair cut, when I shave it off instead (mum has clippers, so  I really would be saving that money). I then wondered if other’s would donate too. I know my hair is short anyway, but… well anyway, your poll vote would be of interest to me. I’m a bit nervous of the chop, but may be swayed. Please be honest with your answers tho’ (karma is watching lol)

*EDIT: wondering if others would donate if I were to shave my hair off…

a brief comment would also be appreciated :)

Shews cobwebs away…

December 6, 2008

Well, no idea if anyone still has this on an RSS feed or randomly still comes along… my absence has largely been due to lack of creativity. I was preparing and doing uni, until I realised that that was all I was doing. Literally uni, bed, study, bed and my health was worsening beyond that! SOOOO I’ve quit uni and am aiming to be back to knitting and occasional baking. AND back to buying gorgeous new boots. if those don’t make me feel funky again, i’m not sure much will!! Went into town specifically to try them on and luckily they fit-I kept them on-putting my trainers in my bag was easier than lugging around the boots in their box-some rather dishy guys paying before me seemed to agree! Got a free makeup case with them too-bonus. I resisted smart shiny shoes-once a year is a high cost per wear ratio. Right now though I should go and take them and my bobble hat off and knit/sleep as I have scrummy new worsted malabrigo and chunky misti alpaca waiting 😉