The tale of Rowan Polar

July 28, 2008
Bought for a hoodie for myself… it was going to add too much bulk to my slimmed down self though. also not 100% sure about the colour for me.
an unfinished hoodie

an unfinished hoodie

unfinished hoodie from front

unfinished hoodie from front

bought extra wool and it was then a finished sweater for simon, but was a bit skimpy and bulky again!

it was then made into something of a mystery parcel for Tom.

A brown paper wrapped box

A brown paper wrapped box

YES, another hemlock ring blanket 🙂

and a candle flame shawl for my grandmother’s 80th birthday present. It now sits on the back of her chair 🙂


  1. oooh, the Candle Flame is gooorgeous,and that orange colour is totally my obsession at the moment. Yum.

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for the friend link on ravelry, i was trying to find you yesterday but couldn’t work it out! I LOVE your blog!! you are so talented, particularly like your graffiti guy too. Happy blogging love Em 🙂

  3. […] because the colour wasn’t right/the gauge wasn’t right… I refer back to “The tale of Rowan Polar” for example.  The project that I first did this on, has until now not been publically seen. […]

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