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home baked bread

May 13, 2008

Sunday Simon and I escaped the noise and heat and headed for Dalby Forest. Me armed with my knitting, he armed with his mountain bike. After whiling away a mere hour or so knitting by a lake in dappled shade, we headed off to find a quiet picnic spot and this is where we spent a few hours whiling away the time:

view from dalby forest

Something else I’ve been meaning to write about for a while is Lidls sour dough bread mix. The bags are basically just flour with the sourdough mix already in it. Monday’s I dump the whole bag in a big bowl, add several handfuls of seeds/nuts and add 700ml of warm water. Stir it with a big wooden spoon until all the flour is encorporated. Cover it with a damp teatowel and leave to rise for the rest of the day.  When risen/I have the time, I empty the risen dough mix onto a well floured surface and kneed with more flour until it’s not longer sticky. Divide into two roughly 450g loaves and let rise in the tins before baking at 200 C (fan assisted) for 50 minutes. It’s like being back in Germany. Very very yummy easy bread. Yesterday it was ready in time for supper! Strawberries in balsamic vinegar vinaigrette are lovely anyway, add a mini gem lettuce and avo and some feta… We could’ve eaten it twice over.

freshly baked loaf of bread

strawberry avo lettuce feta salad in bowl

salad and buttered bread plated up


moving on/loving it

May 9, 2008

The golf club covers I knitted for my dad went down a treat. I just need to grab the photos off him to share with you!

I finished one project of doom and now love it! It’s my second hemlock ring blanket in the yarn that was a hoodie for me and a sweater for simon first. The yarn is perfect for the end project. I need to block it, photograph it and post it off to Tom-I told him it’d be ready for summer. OOPS! The weather is gorgeous, but the need for an Alpaca blanket is not high.

I finished a pair of Opal Hundertwasser socks. They weren’t appealing on the needles, but on my feet and in my shoes, I love them.

I’ve also started my first proper lace project. As in lace pattern, in lace weight wool.

Found myself saying I’m loving it AGAIN, so I think my literary skills are failing me. Hopefully some pics next post 😀