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April 16, 2008

Well life has been pretty busy and has left less time and inclination for knitting and even less for blogging about it! (I’ve been having refresher driving lessons and sorting out university for next year amongst other things). Have managed to infect two muggles to knitting! One in a pub (ravelry knit night-York every second Tuesday, check out ravelry or shout here) and one at uni =)

I’ve made my dad’s birthday present and started some new socks; 2 blankets remain on a “go-slow”. I don’t like “go-slow” projects and think that maybe I need to implement a strategy to get them done! ha, the language use seems a bit incongruous to knitting!

What kicked my backside into wriitng here tonight was a quick request to check where a hole in the ceiling was (Simon is putting an aerial cable into our bedroom). He’d shoved a knitting needle through said hole so he could find it in the loft!!!!!!!!!!