surprising find

March 26, 2008

I went to see Cats (the musical) in Leeds on Saturday afternoon. I am very pleased that we got a show guide, as lo’ and behold knitting gets a mention.


Leotard Painters Penny Hadrill,
Nicola Killeen
Knitting                 Trevor Collins

It really made me smile and the knitting was funky too. Mind you, the show as a whole was just amazing. Bodily perfection in lycra, vocal gymnastics… It couldn’t have been better =)

I’d finished a pair of socks in time to wear them-got to keep warm. The socks, still not photographed  had been finished, ends sewn in and everything a few days earlier, but after wearing them I decided that they were too short. The downside of a sewn cast off is pulling it out, but that done, the ribbing ripped back to the pattern and having lengthened them, I’m as happy as I’ll ever be with them. One of my first posts here was about colour and I mentioned my love of colour, but that I wasn’t sure about multicoloured yarn. I fell foul of the magpie syndrome. This sock wool looked pretty in a skein-gorgeous in fact, but I bought it on the internet and there were no knitted up versions available to see how the colour placement worked out. For socks which are red, with shots of bright blue and lime green, they’re decidingly boring and lack the pizazz I was hoping for now they are knitted up. I really do think socks is one place you can get away with mad colours, but it’s the placement of those colours that can make or break it?!

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