pretty perfect Saturday

March 8, 2008

spent this morning just pottering. wound wool (read: took a skein of wool, ended up in knots, needed sy’s assistance to wind it into a ball ready to knit up into socks) and finished with a rare fry up. Alas, HP bakedbeans are still proving elusive. Finished off the potato scone I made Thursday.

Thanks to tv pause, I watched the rugby after a “nap” (oh how that makes me think of my sister!!) and swatched (non knitters: knitted a test square). JOY Scotland won 😀

Then this evening was spent eating bread rolls which Sy baked while I was asleep and listening to our three newly purchased CDs, whilst knitting the socks.

Jack Johnson; I cannot say enough good about this guy. Erik Mongrain; I’m not sure if it would inspire you to play guitar or put you off forever as he is such a genius! It’s a shame I wasn’t up to seeing him live here the other week. Laura Marling; speaking of seeing live, we went to see her, but she had a poorly throat, so her entourage of Marcus Mumford, Noah and the Whale and King Charles entertained us for the evening. I’d be interested to know more about Laura, as her lyrics and voice belie her age (only just 18)

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