February 11, 2008

I am holding my breath when it comes to this hoodie. I changed my mind on the contrast cuffs. One arm down and aesthetically it is very pleasing. However, I am going to be about a quarter of an inch shorter than I would’ve liked in the body because I am running out of yarn. I have ripped out my swatch, maybe I can get a few more rows with that, but I also need to be able to have enough to sew the hems in and the armpit lil holes shut.

Our sofa arrived safely today-moving the old sofa out yesterday was not a safe operation, as Sy fell, pulling the sofa that was upended on top of himself. The war wounds don’t look very impressive though as we were good and iced them (+ drank vodka to numb the pain)

I think lots of knitting will get done on this sofa-you can see the slidey outy seat on the left-it pulls out further too =) I was all prepared to have to grow to like it in situ, but “I just love it” , Sy sums it up.

I shall go and wind the last skein of grey hoodie wool…

Oooh, whilst picking up some essentials in a certain supermarket that doesn’t need any more advertising, I bought some foam interlocking gym mats for £7.50. My new blocking boards =)


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