“where’s my tape measure??”

January 26, 2008

That’s what sums up this weekend. We’re a household of many DIY tape measures-4 in fact and I have about 3 knitting tape measures, but they keep mysteriously disappearing this weekend. Luckily my knitting ones have not been used for the tiling/plaster-boarding in the bathroom!

My new needle tips arrived yesterday, but yesterday was the day of baking. I had tried a new chocolate brownie recipe the night before-what a gooey greasy mess they were! So I went back to the tried and tested version that I’ve been baking since childhood (usborne’s first cookbook recipe). I had to make 2 batches though, as the first batch were being posted off to my sis’s boyfriend’s for his birthday and one batch fitted perfectly in the box… Today though I abandoned the 20mm dowels and 80% acrylic to knit on 3.5mm needles with 100% wool again. Interspersed with sessions of maths, my hoodie is now beyond the armhole stage (top-down). If I do 15 rows a day on the dowels though, that should be ready to block in 10 days!
Next weekend is a mini ravelry meet-up. I should really cast-on some birthday socks to take to that as the hoodie in a coffee shop is asking for trouble. That and the socks need to be done by the 9th. I’m going to be boring and repeat the jaywalker pattern. Socks would also mean I could take them along to the theatre afterwards-knitting in the interval sounds like a good idea!

Now for the bust-darts maths-oh and protecting my tape measure!


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