frustrating knitting weekend

January 20, 2008

i am knitting away on hoodie for myself, yet i am living in a state of “oh my gosh I’m not sure I have enough wool”. Then, yesterday evening, I was tightening the new harmony needle on to the cord and SNAP! I’d been holding the wood and not the metal whilst wrestling with the fiddly little key they provide… I have since read up that people recommend using rubber to grip both ends if you’re having problems tightening them. Too late. Getknitted will be phoned first thing tomorrow morning in the hope that they can send me out some new needles asap!

I switched to a long-term project: A cable comfort throw. I counted the number of rows and it wasn’t making sense. I was meant to be on the “create a cable row” yet that had happend 2 rows previously! This morning I’ve recounted and lo’ and behold I’d made the initial mistake 18 rows ago…. I’m just about out of negative equity and on to progress on this project that I’m not even sure I like. Not convinced on the yarn (Sirdar Bigga) or the colour (purple-I don’t DO purple-it was a bargain. hmm)

Oh, AND I’ve come to the conclusion that the sweater I made for Sy is too skinny in the bulky wool. It’ll be ripped out and made into it’s 3rd project. I don’t get on with Rowan Polar in Jaffa. Might as well use it though… I wonder if it’ll felt?! It’s 60% Pure New Wool, 30% Alpaca, 10% Acrylic and says handwash only so fingers crossed.

One comment

  1. I have too much wool. If you want some let me know. I can send you a parcel of random yarn

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