Travelling with a Wheelchair

January 5, 2008

New Year, time to think about a holiday?!

If you use a wheelchair, more specifically an electric wheelchair, the airline to avoid this year is jet2.com WHY? maximum weight of chair allowed is 32 kg, total weight, nothing removed! My wheelchair is a lightweight one, it weighs 66kg total. It comes apart and gets lifted in and out of the car, but no, the airline don’t want you to disassemble!!

In previous years there’ve been issues with ryanair, however it APPEARS they have their act together a little bit more. Wheelchairs carried free of charge (oh aren’t we grateful /sarcasm), no weight limit and they can be used until the gate in all but 1 airport. I wonder how they’d cope if I wanted to take my manual chair too? best not go there! This is also the airline who last time I flew with them, left me sat on the runway for half an hour as the pilot was sulking because he’d forgotten about me and then made me sit 12 rows back due to said forgetfulness he wanted everyone to sit at the back. So one girl in the front? No!! It’s also since then that my manual wheelchair veers to the left and clunks!

If only holidaying in the Uk were affordable/decent!  Or if you got a disabled holiday allowance! (wouldn’t we all love to fly with decent airlines, first class preferably and nice shiny hotels) Sorry, that’s a cheap shot and a “woe is me” comment. We are seriously looking at camping in the Uk, but wanted to look at all options…

I meant to make this journal available for search engines after the York taxi fiasco, but remembered to this time.

I think I shall forget about holidays for now and go and knit 😉  much safer!

One comment

  1. My dad used a wheelchair,he was paralysed from the waist down,he could not travel far,as places did not or still do accomadate for them.

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