The first year of Knitting

January 1, 2008

Well, I don’t normally do round ups of years etc, as I am not one for making a big deal of traditional time markers, but this Christmas/New Year does mark one year of knitting, so…

In my first year of knitting, I have knitted:

  • a fun fur scarf for Emma/her sister
  • a sweater for my grandmother, as I didn’t like the colour for myself-oops. It turned out waaaaay too big as I was having to estimate her size! The sweater is loved and worn despite it’s size…
  • my first pair of socks-toe up short row heel.
  • 7 pairs of socks thereafter including 1 pair of baby socks though! all top down, one with intarsia.
  • a blanket for my sis (part way through one for myself)
  • Snowwhite (which started life as tubey, but got as far as 1 sleeve) and now has 16 hearts on ravelry =)
  • 1 golf club cover
  • 1 sweater for Sy (as yet unblocked) started life as Apocalypse for me, got as far as “just” neeeding sleeves.

just a couple of hats crocheted in between… apart from the sweater disaster, I am pretty chuffed with my first year!  Here’s to more!!

The christmas presents went down pretty well I think.

I got 2 knitting books for Christmas, as well as an item I’m not going to advertise as the guy doesn’t want to sell too many to the uk as he’s a busy busy man- *cough* an item to keep my DPNs safe whilst on the go. Also got a funky tripod to stop my camera wobble on the macro photo.

Other presents, included some measuring spoons and cups as mine are a non-complete set at the moment. Mini muffin tins and BIG ones too. Some skewers, mixing bowls and a pasta machine.

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