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“where’s my tape measure??”

January 26, 2008

That’s what sums up this weekend. We’re a household of many DIY tape measures-4 in fact and I have about 3 knitting tape measures, but they keep mysteriously disappearing this weekend. Luckily my knitting ones have not been used for the tiling/plaster-boarding in the bathroom!

My new needle tips arrived yesterday, but yesterday was the day of baking. I had tried a new chocolate brownie recipe the night before-what a gooey greasy mess they were! So I went back to the tried and tested version that I’ve been baking since childhood (usborne’s first cookbook recipe). I had to make 2 batches though, as the first batch were being posted off to my sis’s boyfriend’s for his birthday and one batch fitted perfectly in the box… Today though I abandoned the 20mm dowels and 80% acrylic to knit on 3.5mm needles with 100% wool again. Interspersed with sessions of maths, my hoodie is now beyond the armhole stage (top-down). If I do 15 rows a day on the dowels though, that should be ready to block in 10 days!
Next weekend is a mini ravelry meet-up. I should really cast-on some birthday socks to take to that as the hoodie in a coffee shop is asking for trouble. That and the socks need to be done by the 9th. I’m going to be boring and repeat the jaywalker pattern. Socks would also mean I could take them along to the theatre afterwards-knitting in the interval sounds like a good idea!

Now for the bust-darts maths-oh and protecting my tape measure!


…and breathe!

January 22, 2008

Well after the bad knitting mood cloud, things are on the up!

  1. I’m about to finish the 3rd panel of a 5 panel blanket-think i can cope with the colour.
  2. I have more plans (other than destroying it by felting it) for the rowan polar
  3. have incidentally ripped back the sweater already-just need to wind it into hanks, soak and dry. (once we have a new bathroom)
  4. I ordered the replacement needle for the broken one and added some laceweight into my basket so that I can make the family tradition shawl soon!

frustrating knitting weekend

January 20, 2008

i am knitting away on hoodie for myself, yet i am living in a state of “oh my gosh I’m not sure I have enough wool”. Then, yesterday evening, I was tightening the new harmony needle on to the cord and SNAP! I’d been holding the wood and not the metal whilst wrestling with the fiddly little key they provide… I have since read up that people recommend using rubber to grip both ends if you’re having problems tightening them. Too late. Getknitted will be phoned first thing tomorrow morning in the hope that they can send me out some new needles asap!

I switched to a long-term project: A cable comfort throw. I counted the number of rows and it wasn’t making sense. I was meant to be on the “create a cable row” yet that had happend 2 rows previously! This morning I’ve recounted and lo’ and behold I’d made the initial mistake 18 rows ago…. I’m just about out of negative equity and on to progress on this project that I’m not even sure I like. Not convinced on the yarn (Sirdar Bigga) or the colour (purple-I don’t DO purple-it was a bargain. hmm)

Oh, AND I’ve come to the conclusion that the sweater I made for Sy is too skinny in the bulky wool. It’ll be ripped out and made into it’s 3rd project. I don’t get on with Rowan Polar in Jaffa. Might as well use it though… I wonder if it’ll felt?! It’s 60% Pure New Wool, 30% Alpaca, 10% Acrylic and says handwash only so fingers crossed.


shocked to the very core!

January 14, 2008

Currently Disabled People have no legal rights to live independently or having the same degree of control which non disabled people have over their own lives. …  there is no requirement in law for social services departments to provide an appropriate level of support so that disabled people have a full life rather than barely exist.” (

Yes folks, it’s the 21st century in Britain and THAT’s the state of play!

As a disabled person in this country I am SHOCKED beyond belief that I didn’t know about this and that there is not more of an uproar… No wonder I am currently battling to get any sort of care.  That does pale into insignificance when you look at the bigger and wider picture. Please please spread the word, ignorance was bliss compared to knowing this snippet of information, but without knowing, we can’t fight.


the internet is a dangerous place! ;)

January 10, 2008

I’m waiting for swatches to dry, so instead of knitting more swatches ready to be felted, I thought I’d just browse the internet for a bit. Well, I can’t change the stitch count on my pattern to suit a different weight wool yet, nor can I upload any pictures of Sy’s first pair of socks I made him (as I haven’t taken any pictures-it’s DARK!)

So I’d checked out Ravelry and moved on to Craftster! Why have I never noticed their blog section at the top? Probably because Craftster has me oohing and ahhing at the best of times. It’s been a place where I have spent many an hour when my own crafty mojo deserted me.

The real gem I found though was a mention of The Sampler  oh WoW! Once we’ve budgeted for our holiday and our sofa has arrived, oh and the bathroom has been done, I think I might just have to treat myself despite the postage costs!


Travelling with a Wheelchair

January 5, 2008

New Year, time to think about a holiday?!

If you use a wheelchair, more specifically an electric wheelchair, the airline to avoid this year is WHY? maximum weight of chair allowed is 32 kg, total weight, nothing removed! My wheelchair is a lightweight one, it weighs 66kg total. It comes apart and gets lifted in and out of the car, but no, the airline don’t want you to disassemble!!

In previous years there’ve been issues with ryanair, however it APPEARS they have their act together a little bit more. Wheelchairs carried free of charge (oh aren’t we grateful /sarcasm), no weight limit and they can be used until the gate in all but 1 airport. I wonder how they’d cope if I wanted to take my manual chair too? best not go there! This is also the airline who last time I flew with them, left me sat on the runway for half an hour as the pilot was sulking because he’d forgotten about me and then made me sit 12 rows back due to said forgetfulness he wanted everyone to sit at the back. So one girl in the front? No!! It’s also since then that my manual wheelchair veers to the left and clunks!

If only holidaying in the Uk were affordable/decent!  Or if you got a disabled holiday allowance! (wouldn’t we all love to fly with decent airlines, first class preferably and nice shiny hotels) Sorry, that’s a cheap shot and a “woe is me” comment. We are seriously looking at camping in the Uk, but wanted to look at all options…

I meant to make this journal available for search engines after the York taxi fiasco, but remembered to this time.

I think I shall forget about holidays for now and go and knit 😉  much safer!


The first year of Knitting

January 1, 2008

Well, I don’t normally do round ups of years etc, as I am not one for making a big deal of traditional time markers, but this Christmas/New Year does mark one year of knitting, so…

In my first year of knitting, I have knitted:

  • a fun fur scarf for Emma/her sister
  • a sweater for my grandmother, as I didn’t like the colour for myself-oops. It turned out waaaaay too big as I was having to estimate her size! The sweater is loved and worn despite it’s size…
  • my first pair of socks-toe up short row heel.
  • 7 pairs of socks thereafter including 1 pair of baby socks though! all top down, one with intarsia.
  • a blanket for my sis (part way through one for myself)
  • Snowwhite (which started life as tubey, but got as far as 1 sleeve) and now has 16 hearts on ravelry =)
  • 1 golf club cover
  • 1 sweater for Sy (as yet unblocked) started life as Apocalypse for me, got as far as “just” neeeding sleeves.

just a couple of hats crocheted in between… apart from the sweater disaster, I am pretty chuffed with my first year!  Here’s to more!!

The christmas presents went down pretty well I think.

I got 2 knitting books for Christmas, as well as an item I’m not going to advertise as the guy doesn’t want to sell too many to the uk as he’s a busy busy man- *cough* an item to keep my DPNs safe whilst on the go. Also got a funky tripod to stop my camera wobble on the macro photo.

Other presents, included some measuring spoons and cups as mine are a non-complete set at the moment. Mini muffin tins and BIG ones too. Some skewers, mixing bowls and a pasta machine.