December 8, 2007

Our study/computer/craft room has been in a bit of a mess recently with filing mixing with half frogged projects and “on the go” projects too… So a dark and wet December weekend lends itself to organising.

  • I have now emptied out the gorgeous baskets which included amongst other things, batteries, a skipping rope(!?) and our mattress guarantee!!
  • The yarn has been sorted, mostly photographed and ravelry‘d the ball band info stored and then the ballbands THROWN AWAY!
  • my ballwinder is cooling off after rewinding yarn that was either too tightly wound or falling about in a mess

So, that’s the good bits!

The bad bits are the embarrassment of random pieces of paper with scribbled instructions on them! Mostly these are from over a year ago, when I was happy to print things off without a header and scribble notes in pencil that I just cannot decipher. I have written down the notes that I could make sense of into my notebook and put the rest for recycling. I’m sure a year ago they made sense. Still, apart from the odd ipod cosy I am not sure I would go and crochet mittens again!

Since I started knitting a year ago, I’ve luckily been more organised than in my crochet days… Writing down notes as I go. Spiral bound books are best as the notes are all in one place and the books don’t slam shut.

I have lots of left overs from the initial crocheting that I think are going to have to be knit up as toys or other oddments as the cotton is not a wearable softness… I also have the lovely novelty yarn. Maybe next year when life is less hectic, they could become Christmas decorations…

Talking of which, I shall be digging out our few Christmassy bits and dotting them around this weekend too. I like sparkly bits to see me through the winter months…

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