More speed less haste

December 2, 2007

Christmas knitting has begun, yet in my rush to get one item cast on, I’ve cast on to the wrong gauge and knitted a good 30 rounds before I noticed! OOOPS! So, I’ve ripped it out and am now wasting time on the internet! Specifically I am trying to find jeans. I currently am down to 1 pair of jeans that fit. Luckily the others that don’t fit, are in fact too big, so I can wear them, they just don’t make me feel too fabulous. Any great suggestions of real/internet stores, gratefully received!

Yes, very creative I know, but I can’t talk about the Christmas presents-not that they are too creative. 2×2 ribbing mostly, as fit is more important over style and I am having to estimate sizes… ha knitters, may know what I am making now, but anyone else 😛

Simon’s sweater trying on went well, no frogging required. I ripped out my hoodie and have washed and dryed the wool ready for the post-christmas-rush finishing of the sweater. Lovely I know, making Simon wait, but that’s being married for you!

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