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December 22, 2007

Simon’s sweater just needs the neck band knitting and a FEW (not all) ends weaving in and it’ll be finished!!! that’s a 12 x 16 gauge for you!!

A note in a Christmas card from my great aunt to me:
“I enjoyed seeing your parents last weekend. I hear you have taken up knitting Sarah. Warm socks for my scooter?!”


My grandmother’s socks went down well-we had a good family gathering at her house yesterday. I provided the party food which went down a treat. Simple things like cheese dip, focaccia, sausage rolls and prawn wraps that took us under the hour to prepare the night before. The ginger bread was GORGEOUS. My sister pinched the remainder of the first “loaf”.

I hope the rest of Christmas is half as good as yesterday. Merry Christmas to everyone =)


cinderella and a photo

December 19, 2007

Cinderella had major problems getting a carriage to the ball! We’d anticipated issues getting a wheelchair accessible taxi and planned in advance, but not even that helped! Instead we spent 50 minutes travelling by bus and walking. (would’ve been a 3 mile tripe by taxi!) York taxi licensing got another email from me and although they’ve replied, it doesn’t look like the situation will be resolved any time soon.

Cinderella then also had the indignity of having to be piggy backed (thanks to the bus issue, I’d decided to dress up my new pair of black jeans instead of wearing a VERY short dress) as the lift wasn’t working.  Now I’d had problems with the Castle museum’s lift when we’d been there for the “how to look good naked” filming and again had anticipated the problem. Sy had visited the museum with a colleague that day… alas someone had taken it upon themselves to do “maintenance”  and not switch it back on. I only allowed myself to be carried once they’d assured me that it would be working again by the end of the evening, as being carried by sober guys is different to inebriated ones. Hindsight I shouldn’t have let Sy do the lifting, “in case”… Got a bottle of champagne out of it, but…

So erm I was pretty knackered Saturday and didn’t get much knitting done. Sunday as I wasn’t feeling soooo bad, I decided to forgo knitting time for a nice winter walk along the river and a panini to warm up with. It did the soul wonders.

So, Christmas knitting was finished 10 am Tuesday instead of the planned Sunday night/Monday morning.

I made a start on Sy’s sweater last night, as I felt the need to bake ginger bread (of the cake variety, not ginger bread men sort!) read for the early Christmas at my grandmother’s Friday. They were baked in bread tins as I didn’t have a big square one and they’re brown, so I haven’t photograped them, but they DO taste good. Will taste even better come the weekend as they improve with time. I also haven’t photographed the socks as I like socks photographed on feet. I have a sunny day here, but odd sized feet and a self timer… they may need to wait until Christmas. Below is the pic of our mantelpiece. I have some more candles on the coffee table and some fairy lights hung from the curtain pole, but this is about as Christmassy as it’s got!

Just realised that in fact it has felt more Christmassy  because of the parcels that arrived. Mum had given me an IOU as part of my birthday present. A scarf turned into the knitpicks harmony interchangeable needle set!! They’re sooo pretty. Can’t photograph them well enough to do them justice. Also I got some wool that I ordered at the Knitting and Stitching show.  A ravelry link or if you’re not on ravelry and can speak german, click on Strickwolle and it’s the merino wool in dark grey.

Sy’s been hinting at knitting related Christmas presents =) have you got any idea what you’re getting??


christmas knitting update

December 12, 2007

Well, I have 4 socks down 2 to go.  Only the first sock ended up boring 2×2 rib as the other two recipients have the same size feet as me, so I ventured into spiral rib and Jaywalkers. 2nd 2×2 and Jaywalker to go. I hope to have the socks finished by the end of the weekend and the final pressie cast-on.

It does all depend on how Cinderella fairs at the “ball” on Friday, especially as I have a cold, but I like deadlines. It will mean I can have another good go on Simon’s sweater before we head down to my parents (and knitting-unfriendly-cats) for Christmas. As for the Christmas party on Friday, I contemplated taking my knitting!!!

Photos of Christmas decorations and finished socks soon!



December 8, 2007

Our study/computer/craft room has been in a bit of a mess recently with filing mixing with half frogged projects and “on the go” projects too… So a dark and wet December weekend lends itself to organising.

  • I have now emptied out the gorgeous baskets which included amongst other things, batteries, a skipping rope(!?) and our mattress guarantee!!
  • The yarn has been sorted, mostly photographed and ravelry‘d the ball band info stored and then the ballbands THROWN AWAY!
  • my ballwinder is cooling off after rewinding yarn that was either too tightly wound or falling about in a mess

So, that’s the good bits!

The bad bits are the embarrassment of random pieces of paper with scribbled instructions on them! Mostly these are from over a year ago, when I was happy to print things off without a header and scribble notes in pencil that I just cannot decipher. I have written down the notes that I could make sense of into my notebook and put the rest for recycling. I’m sure a year ago they made sense. Still, apart from the odd ipod cosy I am not sure I would go and crochet mittens again!

Since I started knitting a year ago, I’ve luckily been more organised than in my crochet days… Writing down notes as I go. Spiral bound books are best as the notes are all in one place and the books don’t slam shut.

I have lots of left overs from the initial crocheting that I think are going to have to be knit up as toys or other oddments as the cotton is not a wearable softness… I also have the lovely novelty yarn. Maybe next year when life is less hectic, they could become Christmas decorations…

Talking of which, I shall be digging out our few Christmassy bits and dotting them around this weekend too. I like sparkly bits to see me through the winter months…


anyone got sock yarn

December 3, 2007

I bought some sock yarn at the knitting show and i think my decision was affected by the volumes of yarn available… It really wouldn’t suit my sister’s style.

Want to swap??

Yarn to swap: 100g Fortissima Socka with Bamboo (60% superwash wool, 25% bambo 15% nylon)
colour way 10 (Lagoon as seen on WebofWool)

Want: enough dk/sock weight yarn (wool over cotton) for a pair of socks. Plain/striped (above are patterned) Let me know what you’ve got…

Need this in time for christmas knitting, pretty broke so shouldn’t really just buy more!

Yes, that ribbing I was talking about was socks. I’ll just keep this place quiet until after christmas. I have the first sock for my sis’s boyfriend done. I have started (for the 3rd time) the first sock for my grandma, then it’s my sister’s socks + one other gift!! eek…


More speed less haste

December 2, 2007

Christmas knitting has begun, yet in my rush to get one item cast on, I’ve cast on to the wrong gauge and knitted a good 30 rounds before I noticed! OOOPS! So, I’ve ripped it out and am now wasting time on the internet! Specifically I am trying to find jeans. I currently am down to 1 pair of jeans that fit. Luckily the others that don’t fit, are in fact too big, so I can wear them, they just don’t make me feel too fabulous. Any great suggestions of real/internet stores, gratefully received!

Yes, very creative I know, but I can’t talk about the Christmas presents-not that they are too creative. 2×2 ribbing mostly, as fit is more important over style and I am having to estimate sizes… ha knitters, may know what I am making now, but anyone else 😛

Simon’s sweater trying on went well, no frogging required. I ripped out my hoodie and have washed and dryed the wool ready for the post-christmas-rush finishing of the sweater. Lovely I know, making Simon wait, but that’s being married for you!