November 26, 2007

Having just left a rambly message at Ysolda‘s, I thought I would blog my thoughts on colour here too. (need to find a word for blog though too…)

I’m currently waiting for Simon to get home before I can continue on a sweater that is being made out of wool for that was originally meant to be a hoodie for me. I decided the colour really wasn’t going to magically grow on me (for me-i love the colour, it just doesn’t suit ME!). I have VERY strong tastes when it comes to colour.

My mother-in-law once gave me a colour consultaion for my birthday (by far the most generous, best present from her). The colour consultant was suprised that all the colours I was wearing really suited me*. For years mum and I have been walking round shops saying things like “no, it’s a yellow red” “is this a blue, red?” etc. *On the colour consultation I came out as a winter-suits clean colours and is lucky to suit white and black too.

Venturing into the fibre world, I have had to tame my love of certain colours somewhat. Variegated wool, in my opinion, looks sensuous and gorgeous in a ball/skein but when worked up has a tendency to granny-itis.

I learnt the hard way that computer monitors and photography lie. A colour named “salmon” really isn’t going to be a pretty pink colour like I saw it, but is going to resemble cooked salmon more. (hence my first sweater became one for my grandmother)

So, picking up the phone on internet orders and discussing colours would seem appropriate. Yet, whether it’s phoning a yarn store or chatting to friends, no one other than my mum and I use the yellow/blue based colour analogy. I suit blue based, don’t suit yellow based colours.

What did I find myself buying at the knitting show though? Grey. Haha. I have such a love hate relationship with grey. I have a hoody that is now in holes that kept me so cosy warm. Recently brought myself to charity shop a slouchy cowl neck mohair sweater and a polo-neck too. I feel so boring wearing grey, yet it’s something that come winter I can pull on and wear with anything.

Anyway, I shall go add extra lengths to my Denise set up, to allow Simon to try on his sweater. This evening I think I shall continue with that and not the second hat I promised to crochet for my sister (to give as presents).

On the muffin front: I made sweet ones (apple, currants) for mum’s arrival. Day 2 I prefer the savoury ones, so in future will have to eat all of the sweet ones on day one (NOT!). Yesterday evening I made some “oops, we have no oats left-use cornflakes, oats and flour” with carrot and mustard muffins to keep Simon on the happy boat this week (he gets down in winter, so extra carbs can only be a good thing!). Ha I didn’t take them out of the oven so I didn’t even see them, but I had a text saying “they are really nice”. Ooh I made both the above with orange juice instead of water-off to adjust recipe.

PS: OOh Simon made chocolate crispies (with cornflakes+70% min cocoa solids) yesterday-he better hurry back from work so we can eat some!!

One comment

  1. It took me a very long time to finally realize what colors look good on me. Unlike you, I need the yellow-based (or brown-based) colors. It always amazes me when I see someone who can really wear the cherry-red lipstick, the pale lavender sweater, or the blue eyeshadow. (That lipstick inevitably turns to childish pink on my lips, the sweater makes me look like I’m dead, and the blue eyeshadow makes me look like I should be standing on a street corner in very tall heels). I am very lucky that I can get away with wearing black, but my wedding gown was “pearl”, not white.

    My knitting buddies are sick of hearing me talk about colors, complexions, and “seasons”, haha. But my MIL gets it. Her complexion is apparently the polar opposite of what her mother’s was, and she was dressed in unflattering colors until she was an adult.

    P.S. – I am fascinated by the hanging swing in your Ravelry avatar. I think I’m jealous. :^)

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